marines: It's not a Happy Memorial Day - 05/26/19 02:41 AM
Before you wish someone a Happy Memorial Day please think! It is not.
Memorial Day is a time to think on and honor those who died serving our country. This hit home for me a few days ago when my son, who served in the U. S Marine Corps in 2nd Recon a special forces unit posted the following on Facebook. It was written in 2006, when his unit was in Iraq and it sums up some of the emotions these young men and their families carry with them every year at this time. He lost 12 friends that tour, a … (33 comments)

marines: Marine speaks at Easttown Library on his experiences in Iraq - 02/20/13 03:42 AM
Full disclosure here, the Marine mentioned in the title is my son, Jeremy Vandekar. He left our home in Berwyn for Parris Island to join the Marines on Mother's Day several years ago to start his journey. This Sunday, he will be speaking about his experiences during training and his two tours in Iraq with 2nd Recon Bn. as told in his book Kicking Ace Taking Names at Easttown Library in Berwyn.
I am looking forward to his talk, and to hear his stories. Proud father, absolutely. If you want to attend you can register for the talk which is at … (0 comments)

marines: Kicking Ace - Taking Names now available on - 12/16/11 06:54 AM
As I have written before, my son Jeremy Vandekar has written a book about his experience in the Marine Corps, Iraq and his service with 2nd Recon Bn. You can now order it at so please help to make this a best seller and order a copy today.

This will make a great gift for anyone considering serving in the Marines, wanting to know more about 2nd Recon Battalion or about the war in Iraq, veterans and those interested in military history. Get your copy today.

marines: Please support this young man - 02/08/11 12:04 AM
We hear often about Marines and Soldiers being injured in Afghanistan but usually it is removed from our sphere. As Jeremy my son was in the Marines, we tend to hear about too many who are not, but recently when I was having lunch at Aneu I heard about a young man from our area who definitely needs our support.
Jay Raffetto, served as a Corpsman to 1st Recon, many of you will remember Jeremy served with 2nd Recon out of Camp Lejeune. 1st and 2nd Recon are the elite unit of the Marines, and to be in these units as … (3 comments)

marines: No greater love - 08/15/09 08:09 AM
We made a trip to Washington this last Monday. It was a beautiful day, bright sunshine, hot and the roads were light with traffic. It was a trip I had dreaded the previous five years to have to make. It was for a funeral at Arlington Cemetery.

We all assembled close to the grave as the attendance was so large. For four years we wondered day in and day out whether we would be attending the funeral of our own son here. But last year he completed his enlistment in 2nd Recon Battalion based in Cam LeJeune, NC. His last tour … (3 comments)

marines: The Iraq movies - 07/10/08 11:24 AM
Here are the movies that Jeremy our son made for each month he was in Iraq, as posted on you tube in chronological order.  Each portrays a month of their deployment, some are longer than others, there is some humor through out but also some typical Marine Corps attitude, a couple of bathroom shots so apologies to the easily offended. All came home safe and sound this deployment.
October, Jeremy got blown up in this movie, the humvee you see damaged was the one he was riding in, however we never found this out till he came home.



Christmas … (0 comments)

marines: Home Safe and Sound - 05/10/08 07:53 AM
After many delays our son Jeremy arrived home from Iraq. We were unaware till later that evening just how lucky we were to have him home in one piece. Their first mission his humvee hit an IED and miraculously no one was hurt. This is just a short clip of his welcome home. Sorry, as it was late the light was not excellent, but I think you can tell we were pretty excited.
Well we are now home, he is visiting one of his brothers this weekend and will be coming home soon on leave. In the meantime he has begun … (10 comments)

marines: Waiting and more waiting - 04/22/08 12:59 PM
Well this is the week we have been waiting for since Jeremy left for Iraq. His unit is supposed to depart Iraq anytime. However, because of the financial collapse of ATA many of the units are being delayed in their travels. We have reservations booked for rooms in the window of his units arrival back in Jacksonville, NC, but will they arrive.
Jeremy's brothers can only take so much time off work and school to welcome him home. Will they see that emotional moment as he steps off the bus with his comrades? We hope so because it is so emotional. Many … (14 comments)

marines: Just a few more days.... - 04/14/08 05:27 AM
As many of you know our son Jeremy is currently serving in Iraq, you can read his emails and see his photos at Iraq Diaries. This was his second tour and although the area he was in is much quieter than when he was there before the stress as a parent was no less. His unit goes out of contact pretty regularly as they embark on a mission. We have no idea of how long he will be gone, where he is, or what he is doing. During his last deployment twelve of his unit gave their lives serving their country, three … (4 comments)

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