nick vandekar team: Vacant home...keep it insured. - 07/31/09 03:14 AM
I have written before about keeping your home covered by insurance until settlement with graphic photos of a home that burnt down the night before settlement on my street. However, in today's market with people moving trying to fins jobs many homes are sitting vacant and insurance companies will not cover them if they are unaware in the case of a claim. Some insurance companies will cover you if you notify them, many won't, so you may need to change insurance carrier to keep your home insured.
 It is not enough that Uncle Ernie stops by once a week to check … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Time flies to get the First Time Buyer Credit! - 07/30/09 03:29 AM
   Time is flying fast to obtain the First Time Buyer Credit. Whilst there is plenty of inventory many buyers are being demanding making low offers and asking for seller assists or not making any choice, overwhelmed at the selection of homes on the market.
But, if you think it through you have to act soon. Most settlements take 45 days to settle from offers being made. Yes they canbe done more quickly but with the recent problems with appraisers, and mortgage underwriters taking their time to give mortgage commitments you need to act soon.
The credit disappears unless renewed by congress November … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Places I like - Chanticleer, Wayne, PA - 07/26/09 11:51 PM
So to continue with this series, last week on a glorious summer day we visited Chanticleer in Wayne, PA on the Main Line outside of Philadelphia, one of our favourite places. This is a wonderful garden that in our opinion rivals Longwood Gardens and feels more real. What I mean by that is Chanticleer in Wayne, PA does not groom the plants for just a one week show, what you see is how it really is. There may be some weeds in the borders, the plants show there age sometimes and whilst there is this reality it is still impressive.
Only open during … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Philadelphia Golf Courses - 07/20/09 04:36 AM
When searching for a home, remember to smell the flowers along the way - or is it the golf courses.   Philadelphia has many private and public golf courses.  Four links are very useful for locating a course near your new neighborhood:,,,,   
Each site lists many of the same locations, but with a little different twist.  Aside from the courses, there is information about the facilities where you can take the family for a meal.  No matter what the weather, it is always a calming rest from the rigors of house hunting to enjoy a relaxing meal … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: How can you appraise if you are unfamiliar with the area? - 07/09/09 07:17 AM
Just finished reading a commentary on a survey  on the new HVCC from NAR. As I blogged recently in Why are Appraisal firms using appraisers from way out of the Area we have had two appraisal issues in the last week. I also heard from agents whilst out this week that they are having problems, so the issue is current right here in Pennsylvania with appraisers from out of the area being used and not understanding the development, the homes or the pricing in the area.
So rather than improving the appraisal situation from the commentary the survey implies the situation is … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: 84 Highpoint Drive, Berwyn, PA video - 07/08/09 06:50 AM
New video of our listing in Daylesford Lake of a great end unit on a quiet street, beautiful upgraded kitchen, and lots of room. Priced aggresively at $459,000 with 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths and 3 car garage. Want to live in award winning T/E schools close to Paoli station and minutes from King of Prussia Mall and Valley Forge Park.

84 Highpoint Drive, Berwyn, PA 19312 produced by Nick Vandekar on WellcomeMat … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: How many photos? - 07/08/09 01:02 AM
I have had a web site for a long time and one of the main features I looked for was the ability to post multiple photos. It seems odd to say that now but our own MLS has only recently allowed us to post more than six photos, now we can post twelve and still agents only post six or even less.
My buyers want to see photos, they skip properties with no photos, they ask why aren't there any photos, sometimes it is because the property has a tenant and it is hard to get in to photograph or it … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Why are the appraisal firms using appraisers from way out of the area? - 07/08/09 12:41 AM
I understand separating appraisers from mortgage brokers and bankers but do these third party firms have to use appraisers from way out of the area?
We have had two appraisals recently by banks that are way off the mark. One of these appraisals is off by $55000 and the bank then advises the client not to get another appraisal. The banker is in Texas, so may not know or understand the pricing in our area.
Another is a townhouse development and the same model two doors over is listed in the report as having 2000 square feet, but the subject property … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Local Phoenixville restaurant rocks! - 07/07/09 11:45 AM
Last week we needed to go up to Lowes at Oaks and as it was a great weekend weather wise and it was our wedding anniversary we decided to find somewhere for breakfast on the way. We wanted somewhere different and a little funky. As Phoenixville could be on our way if we took backroads we thought we might find somewhere good to eat.
We drove up over the hills and coming along Whitehorse Road to the junction with Route 23 I spy the Bookend Cafe out of the corner of my eye and through the buildings from the junction. I point … (1 comments)

nick vandekar team: Energy Efficient Windows! A Must for Today's Energy Conscious Homeowner! - 06/23/09 01:27 PM
I asked a friend Deborah Bettcher of Interiors by Decorating Den to write some blog entries for me on decorating trends. Deborah thanks, great article. You can reach her at her studio:610.964.8403 for a consultation.
Sit by a bare window on a sunny day, and you'll feel the sun's warmth.  Sit by that same window on a cold, windy night, and you'll feel chilled to the bone!  With today's economic concerns, smart homeowners are continually searching for ways to cut expenses and save on their monthly energy bills. 
Naturally, the best place to start is to be sure our homes are … (2 comments)

nick vandekar team: Some recent market stats for Chester County, PA - 06/12/09 12:28 AM
I was asked by a friend to give a short talk last night at a seminar on downsizing and one of the things he wanted me to touch on specifically was trends in the market,
So turning to Trend I pulled up the most recent statistics for Chester County as most of the attendees if not all were from Chester County. Average price of homes has dropped about $20,000 between the last quarter of '08 and first quarter of '09. There were 470 more homes on the market and this number is expected to increase. Number of homes that sold in the … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Need quality office space without a long term commitment? - 06/10/09 05:31 AM
I recently attended an orientation meeting at our local Regus office complex and hosted a breakfast there for people who might be looking for homes.
What I like about the local office located in Berwyn on route 252 is the offices are modern, well laid out with everything you might need. Plus they have options that if you need to travel on business give you access to offices worldwide. They have a host of office sizes and the most modern data services you might need, you can bring your own copier or use their state of the art model. All in … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Berwyn, Pennsylvania - 06/09/09 12:30 AM
Berwyn, PA a great village located along the Main Line of Philadelphia between Devon and Paoli, site of the Paoli massacre during the Revolutionary War and close to Valley Forge National Park. … (1 comments)

nick vandekar team: Old Forge Crossing 2 bed 2 bath updated condo - 06/05/09 07:57 AM
We just listed a 2 bed 2 bath inner courtyard 2nd story condo at Old Forge Crossing in Devon. Just steps from parking but with nice views into the courtyard this home has updated baths with ceramic tile to the ceilings, new sinks and toilets they look and feel like a luxury condominium, the kitchen has also been updated with new cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Don't forget the condo fees include pool and tennis fees, plus gas for the dryer, hot water and cooking. But why don't you just watch the video and see for yourself what great value this is … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Are PA Title Insurance rates too high? - 05/29/09 03:23 AM
With Title Insurance being one of the highest in the nation and making a large part of buyers closing costs as well as those refinancing, this week the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission held a hearing to discuss possible reduction of title insurance rates in Pennsylvania.
Prompted by a February 2009 rate increase request filed by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania, which the Attorney General's Office opposed the Commission met to discuss the issue. Pennsylvania consumers paid nearly $585 million in title insurance premiums last year, but Corbett the Attorney General pointed out that the majority of those premiums - up … (3 comments)

nick vandekar team: Would you buy this home? - 05/01/09 04:45 AM
Ann Capers one of our team members just took a new listing in Ardmore a two bed condominium on Glenn Rd that is on the second floor of the Carriage Arms building, a great location.
After measuring rooms and taking photos I wandered across Montgomery Avenue to Suburban Square, if you live in the area you know what a great shopping area this is filled with boutiques, art galleries, a great Farmers market and Trader Joe's along with restaurants, a Starbucks, Macy's along with many other specialist small shops as well. All within walking distance like the Main Line YMCA if you need … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Estate Planning - 04/24/09 09:51 AM

I was speaking at the Chester County Estate Planners meeting last night about my experiences on the Antiques Roadshow and mentioned that because of my back ground in antiques and being a realtor I am a good source for estate planners to contact when they need advice on an estate. Sort of like a one stop resource.
I know auctioneers locally and in large cities including New York, as well as dealers, collectors, and museums around the world. When deciding what to do with an estate there are many options not just selling although this is of course one option but … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: Why you need to clean those gutters - 04/23/09 12:56 AM
Cleaning gutters is important because it can affect water penetration in your house. So often when there is water coming in you can find the source is bad grading on the exterior. often that bad grading can be from clogged gutters that overflow and then wash away the soil allowing water to penetrate the home. so keeping those gutters clean is an important issue.
Certainly you can use gutter guards and there are many sorts, some working better than others. But I have found even with gutter guards some seeds and debris finds its way in to the gutter so they … (1 comments)

nick vandekar team: Did you read the home inspection report? - 04/22/09 02:56 AM
Every home inspection I attend I hear inspectors explain that in their report they will list maintenance that home buyers will need to undertake over the course of their ownership of the home. I watch them explain how to change filters and make sure the buyer understands the workings of their new home.
So why is it that when they come to sell so many homes are in dis-repair? Do buyers ever pick up that home inspection report and look at it after they buy? A home inspection is not a method to just get another few hundred or thousands off the price of … (0 comments)

nick vandekar team: What to look for when buying a home? - 04/14/09 02:53 AM
I read a great post this morning aimed towards real estate agents rather than buyers but realize it is also some good information for buyers as well. It was written by Joe Michalski on his blog about What to look for before the home inspection. Joe by the way helped me last week present a seminar for First Time Buyers at our office in Devon, along with Eric may from Prosperity Mortgage, talking about what a home inspection is and what it is not and explaining the home buying, mortgage and inspection process for several first time buyers.
Often buyers are so interested … (0 comments)

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