nick vandekar: Main Line Homes are selling but few are coming on the market - 03/06/15 01:28 AM
Main Line Homes are selling, but few are coming on the market.

The real estate market is strong along the Main Line, however there is a problem. As homes are selling, little or no new homes are being listed and those that are sell quickly. Inventory continues to fall, making buyers act quickly when new listings appear. There is little or no time to think it over if you want to buy a Main Line Home right now. Also those homes that are in "inventory" are homes that have been listed longer and rejected by many buyers. These homes need … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: Are you connected? - 01/27/15 05:12 AM
Are you connected?
I was clearing snow yesterday and stopped to listen to the silence from the snow and looked at the oak trees beside our drive. They look pretty stark right now, cold and windblown with snow clinging to their sides. In the summer though they provide us with shade, and all year long there are birds hoping through them looking for insects or building nests. In the Spring they offer a hope of what is to come as their leaves begin to show and unfold, I know if the bulbs and flowers are not yet pushing through the earth they … (8 comments)

nick vandekar: Confused - not sure which way to go? - 01/22/15 04:16 AM
Confused, not sure which way to go?

I totally understand, many of our clients feel this way when they first come to us looking to buy a home on Philadelphia's Main Line for a variety of reasons.
They are relocating from  a city where prices frankly are not as high on the Main Line. When we first talk about wants and needs and they tell us their price range we have to educate them that this is a different ballpark, and prices here are not at AAA price points but at major league prices. It sometimes takes a little while, … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: Frequently Asked Question: Why do I need a pre-approval? - 01/15/15 05:24 AM
Frequently Asked Question: Why do I need a pre-approval before seeing homes?
We get many phone calls from customers who want to see a home. Many of these people have no relationship with any agent and do not understand the main line real estate process for buying a home. They just want to see a house they saw that they liked and so they often call the first number they can find.
Our job is not to just show houses. Our time is limited, and therefore we ask those we are going to work with to obtain a mortgage pre-approval for several reasons. … (4 comments)

nick vandekar: Frequently Asked Question: How much money do we need? - 01/14/15 01:44 AM
Frequently Asked Question: How much money do we need?
One of the most often asked questions from home buyers we hear is "How much money do we need to buy a home?" 
Yes, there have been lots of different mortgage products that cater to those buyers with little money for a deposit. And it has just been announced that loans with 3% down are being considered and offered.
However, this is not the end of the story. When you buy and sell a house there are what are called closing costs, agent commissions, transfer taxes, title insurance, mortgage fees, insurance, and … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Frequently asked question: Who pays you? - 01/12/15 02:06 AM
Frequently asked question: Who pays you?
One of the questions we get often is who pays you? Many consumers are aware that a real estate agent gets paid and it is a percentage of the purchase price of the home but is there a difference if you are a seller or a a buyer? Many buyers still believe they as a buyer are going to pay the commission in some way.
Well in reality as a buyer you do because you buy the home and fund the transaction either with cash or through a mortgage. If you don't buy and close … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Frequently Asked Question: Do you reduce your commission? - 01/09/15 03:50 AM
Frequently Asked Question: Do you reduce your commission?
Real estate is this funny business where customers want to hire you but before they do they want you to reduce how much your are going to be paid. I don't know how many of my clients' bosses ask them to reduce their take home pay before take on a job. I understand no one likes to pay more than they have to pay. I also understand that the price for selling a home in America is high compared to other countries.
I posted a blog yesterday about how much we charge which … (4 comments)

nick vandekar: Looking for a Realtor? - 01/05/15 03:59 AM
Looking for a Realtor?
There are many real estate agents out there, not all are Realtors. What is a Realtor? A Realtor is a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors and as such a member of both their State and Local Realtor Association as well. As a Realtor they are expected to abide by a code of ethics which is of a higher standard than the duties required by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission.
As a licensed real estate agent, the state allows you to sell real estate anywhere in the state. However, no one … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: Greens @ Waynesborough, Chester County November 2014 sales info - 12/11/14 12:16 AM
Greens @ Waynesborough, Chester County November 2014 sales info

The Greens at Waynesborough in Easttown Township, Chester County have had no settled sales or sales go pending during November 2014.  There is one home that is under contract priced $859900 for a 4 bed 3 1/2 bath home of 3875 sq feet, however this went under contract on December 7th.
There are two other homes for sale priced $935,500 for a 4 bed 2 1/2 bath home of 4577 sq feet on a 1/3 of an acre on Saint Andrews Drive, and another home priced at $1,190,000 for a 4 … (1 comments)

nick vandekar: 9 Tips for Mold Prevention - 12/03/14 12:47 AM
9 Tips for Mold Prevention
People often think mold only grows in the summer, but if the conditions are right, mold can grow anytime of year. Here are 9 tips for preventing Mold.
1) Never store paper products or cardboard in attics or basements. Store these items in plastic bins with lids.
2) Maintain attic and basement relative humidity at 55% or less.
3) Make sure your attic has vents and a fan, preferably one activated by humidity levels.
4) Never use a dehumidifier which requires emptying. Always buy a unit with a pump.
5) Immediately repair plumbing leaks and dry out and wet building materials.
6) … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: Just Listed in Devon, PA 19333 Tredyffrin Twp. - 12/02/14 06:12 AM
Just Listed in Devon, PA 19333, Tredyffrin Township.
Great Main Line condo, located in Old Forge Crossing, on a quiet and serene inner courtyard, but close to multiple parking options. Old Forge Crossing is a premier location for the Main Line allowing owners easy access to Center City, Wilmington DE, King of Prussia, PA Turnpike, etc.
For those who love the outdoors, not only is Old Forge Crossing located on 40+ acres, but the new Chester Valley Trail runs right by it and owners have private access, as well as Valley Forge National Park, Jenkins Arboretum, plus multiple township parks … (5 comments)

nick vandekar: Normal schedule will be resumed shortly - 11/24/14 04:26 AM
Every year I work on a charity event for Surrey Services for Seniors, The Main Line Antiques Show. It takes all year planning this event but the actual week of the show it is all I focus on. I try to set up my blogs ahead and schedule them for release but it does not always work out. Last year we raised over $130,000, this year we are still waiting for some final bills so I don't know the actual number as yet.
We have 33 or more dealers from all over the East Coast and Mid West who attend the … (5 comments)

nick vandekar: When is the right time to prepare your home for the Spring market? - 11/24/14 03:25 AM
When is the right time to prepare your home for selling in the Spring market?
Selling real estate can be all about timing. As many people know, the Spring Market is generally the best time to list a home for sale as the most buyers are looking. The last two years on Philadelphia's Main Line the market has started the year with a bang then slowed and some would say fizzled later in the year. So, yes, the Spring Market is what you are aiming for.
When then is the best time to prepare your home for sale, because as they say … (4 comments)

nick vandekar: Phoenixville Real Estate - 10/27/14 05:03 AM
Phoenixville Real Estate
Phoenixville has one of the best looking markets in the local region, prices are up, sales are up and inventory has grown as well, the only thing going down is a positive and that is days on market. Phoenixville provides some of the best value in the local area and this is being recognized by local area buyers. 
Click the graphic for a full report and explanation.

We have helped many clients buy and sell in Phoenixville and the surrounding area and if you want to know what your home is worth in today's market, call Nick Vandekar, office … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: Chester Springs & Exton Area Real Estate Market Report - 10/27/14 04:13 AM
Chester Springs & Exton Area Real Estate Market Report
The Chester Springs and Exton area real estate market is relatively strong, prices have risen about 4% over last year and number of homes sold has risen, this has created a drop in inventory, which may account for the higher rise in prices than other local areas. Days on market have also fallen by about 5% again probably due to the lower inventory.
For a full analysis click on the image below

If you are interested in knowing the price of your home and the marketing we use in the current … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: West Chester Real Estate Market Report - 10/27/14 03:58 AM
West Chester Real Estate Market Report
The market can be summed up in two words - less sales! Overall the market is seeing less inventory, less sales,  less days on market but higher prices by 2% to a year ago. For the full report click the image below.

With lower inventory, buyers although they are demanding are prepared somewhat to pay higher prices for the home that meets their needs, wants and desires.
Want to know the value of your home in today's market, ask a local area expert like ourselves for an opinion on the price of your home. … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: Top Mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a Main Line home - 10/22/14 06:49 AM

nick vandekar: What have you been doing in your spare time? - 10/17/14 03:33 AM
What have you been doing in your spare time?
Trudy decided we needed some extra space behind our sun room. We have a dry stone wall there. So on Labor Day we took the wall down and began digging out the dirt. Well, I say dirt, but it was more like stone. I believe the correct term is "Schist" a mixture of stone/rock and dirt made up mainly of the rock and stone element.

We decided we would do this over time, initially one of our sons helped, but we basically did the digging out ourselves with a pick axe, shovel … (4 comments)

nick vandekar: Wayne PA Real Estate Market Report - 09/30/14 04:44 AM
Wayne PA Real Estate Market Report
Wondering how the Wayne real estate market is holding up. Click the graphic to get the full report of scan the main points below.

In August 2014
59 homes sold. 159 homes are on the market for sale. Median price, that is the middle price of all homes sold rose 7% over last year. Even with this number of homes on the market inventory is still low with only a three month supply of homes for sale. Homes have been selling for an average of 95.2% of the list price. Days on market is … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Philadelphia Growth - Long & Foster - 09/30/14 03:32 AM
Philadelphia Growth what it means for you the buyer and seller of Philadelphia Real Estate.
Long & Foster has just announced the acquisition of Alliance a group of 14 offices and 700 agents who will be merged into the Long & Foster Real Estate family. This makes us #2 in the Philadelphia region. 
We have almost doubled in size with this acquisition, and it is in addition to the company growing rapidly in both Delaware and New Jersey. The Long & Foster signs are becoming much more common down the shore and throughout the Tri-state area.

But, what does this mean for the … (2 comments)

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