real estate: Are you known for your value or your price? - 02/03/20 05:43 AM
What makes us different to any other agent? I have been thinking about this a lot in the last week. People who have used our services before return over and over. I have clients I have represented multiple times in numerous transactions because they know what I bring to the table.
When I speak with someone who hasn't used me before, it is a different situation. Maybe someone referred me to them or they found me online, but where they are coming from is somewhere different to past clients. Often they are only interested in how high can I price my home, and what … (30 comments)

real estate: There are many different ways to get there! - 12/20/19 05:43 AM
I love adventure and being on a quest, part of the fun is enjoying the journey not just reaching the destination or goal.
I am currently visiting a friend in Germany. She is still working so I have a couple of days to entertain myself during the day. Yesterday, I decided to go to Ratzeburg, where I have been before and know how to get there using the local bus system, or thought I did.
I duly caught the right bus, and knew I needed to change and transfer to a different bus in the next village. However, my bus driver decided I … (21 comments)

real estate: Tredyffrin Easttown home buying is like finding a bed on the Camino! - 02/15/19 08:01 AM
I walked the Camino de Santiago last year from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostella,the Camino Portugues and then on to Muxia and Finisterra, a distance of 532 miles. What I love about the different Camino routes is the hostels that are along the route for Pilgrims, as the walkers are called because these are all ancient pilgrimage routes.
Each day you have an intention of where and how far you are going to walk. At the end of the day you hope you will be able to find a bed in a hostel, municipal or private, or resort to a hotel. The … (8 comments)

real estate: White Clay Creek Preserve and State Park - 02/10/19 07:23 AM
Yesterday I met up with some new friends from a group I have joined who hike regularly. I am finding all sorts of places where you can walk short or long distances. Whilst it is cold and the trees have no leaves right now you can see these will be wonderful places come Spring through the Fall.
We met up yesterday at White Clay Creek Preserve and State Park, which is right on the Pennsylvania Delaware border. When it was mentioned we would have some hills to climb in Delaware there was some joking that there are no hills in Delaware and … (5 comments)

real estate: 2019 Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line Real Estate Outlook video - 02/06/19 11:54 AM
I got the chance today to catch up with Long & Foster Companies, President, Gary Scott. In this short video he gives us his view of the 2019 market, a little longer than our usual videos but very interesting to get the view of one of the leaders of the real estate industry.
Nick Vandekar, Selling the Main Line is excited to be paired with Long & Foster Real Estate Inc., being one of the leading companies within the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services of America group. We have the tools and the knowledge to help you sell or buy your Main Line or … (3 comments)

real estate: Another 5 star review for Nick Vandekar - 05/23/18 12:50 PM
We had the pleasure of helping another buyer complete the purchase of their Tredyffrin Easttown home last week.
Located just a few steps away from the Upper Main Line YMCA it is in a glorious quiet location, surrounded by million dollar homes. The original home has had additions and extensions added over time and sits on a flat piece of land. Currently it has 3 beds, but one room had been converted from two and will be changed back to a four bed home. 
We worked with these clients through a period where there is little to no inventory and homes are receiving … (4 comments)

real estate: Some days things just don't align! - 02/16/18 10:51 AM
The past few weeks I have had issues with my back, and one of my hips. I have spent some time visiting my chiropractor. As we get things aligned, something else seems to slide out.
This morning I was in a lot of pain as I went to work out and realized, using the elliptical was not going to happen, so stepped over to the treadmill and chose some low settings I thought I would be able to complete. Ironically I was listening to an interview with a practitioner of movement. I need to study that a little more.
Well after a shower, … (30 comments)

real estate: Don't hire a full time agent who only works part time! - 02/13/18 11:52 AM
When selling your Tredyffrin Easttown or Main Line home, there are lots of mistakes you can make from pricing your home too high, not preparing it correctly for sale or making showings complicated or difficult.
But one you may slip into without realizing it is hiring a full time agent who only works part time. Lots of agents today have started not working weekends, so if a buyer agent wants to present you with an offer it has to wait till Monday and maybe by then the buyer has had second thoughts. Don't you want to get that offer on Saturday afternoon or … (26 comments)

real estate: Football impacted Real Estate this weekend. - 01/22/18 12:59 PM
I had clients  who wanted to see some homes yesterday afternoon. I tried to set up appointments on Saturday for Sunday afternoon.
However, every home we asked for an appointment, was rejected.
Everyone in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs was focused on the two football games being played.
In the afternoon, who would triumph the Patriots or the Jaguars? Well we know in a close game it was the Patriots.
I had thought with the Eagles game playing late we would get some of our appointments in. Shut out. Both games were of interest to these Eagles fans.
So, I got to enjoy an afternoon … (17 comments)

real estate: Three things I learned from my grand kids - 11/07/17 08:10 AM
We just spent a few days visiting with my son and his wife and our three grandkids. It is always interesting the conversations you have with children and you can learn a lot from them if you keep your ears open.
Ask questions
My oldest grandson and I walked up to the local coffee shop one morning. The whole way a roundtrip of 3 miles he asked questions about his Dad, his uncles, how they got on together, what they liked to do, what games they played etc. It was fun to see how interested he was in comparing his life with his … (19 comments)

real estate: Business Practices - 08/07/17 08:36 AM
Part 1 Open Houses
In my first year of business I did lots of open houses, I never liked making phone calls, but put me in front of people and I can chat for a long time. My very first open house a couple came in who were moving to the area from New York state. No, they did not have a Realtor, could I help them? They liked this house, but it was not really what they were looking for. It took a while to zero in but we found them a great home, and they are still living there today. … (21 comments)

real estate: Our Tredyffrin Easttown buyers snapped this one up - 06/09/17 06:32 AM
We had clients in town last week looking at Tredyffrin Easttown homes for sale due to a relocation. We worked diligently over the days before their arrival to prepare tours for the weekend.
However, as the day of their arrival drew closer, several properties went under contract and new properties came on the market. Showing homes in a hot market means you need to be flexible and react quickly to new listings.
While we were touring several homes were listed and we were able to incorporate them into our tours. Some we were able to quickly reject for various reasons but one caught our buyers … (14 comments)

real estate: Working to live - 05/11/17 02:13 PM
My work to life balance I got from watching my father. He worked incredibly hard, but he also enjoyed life. My grandfather and father were antique dealers, as was I initially. Everywhere you go there is usually an area with antique shops. So every trip is/was a business deductible expense.
Generally antique dealers enjoy life, they love what they do, they like food and wine, and they enjoy the countryside through which they ride. Those who travel internationally get to enjoy different cultures and everything being in a foreign country brings with it.
So, when I entered the family business I copied this … (18 comments)

real estate: Where is the best place to live in Pennsylvania? - 03/29/17 12:11 PM
Where is the best Place to live in Pennsylvania?
A new report by Niche highlighting the best places in the burbs to live places Chesterbrook in Tredyffrin Easttown School District as #1, Tredyffrin as #2, Devon #7, Paoli #10 and Easttown as #22. This report is a little confusing in that Chesterbrook is part of Tredyffrin Township and Devon which is ranked #7 is part of Easttown and Tredyffrin Townships, whilst Paoli ranked #10 is part of Tredyffrin, Easttown and Willistown Townships as well.
Where is Tredyffrin Easttown?
What are the parameters for selection; location, which as we know in Real Estate is highly … (8 comments)

real estate: Marketing your Tredyffrin Easttown Home Effectively - 03/22/17 10:46 AM

Eye catching? Effective, definitely different. Appropriate for the brand? Not sure.
How you market your Tredyffrin Easttown home is important. It needs to be eye catching, but appropriate as well. It needs to be seen and it nees to create a response with a call to action. Just like this post is asking you now if you are ready to get your home on the market then give us a call and see how we will effectively, appropriately and eye catchingly market your home to get you the best price and acheive your real estate goal. So call us today, Nick, office … (9 comments)

real estate: What do you think of this branding - Matching People and Property? - 03/21/17 02:34 PM
This past weekend I took a quick trip home to Blighty, that is England for those not used to the phrase. London to be exact and whilst walking around on Friday came across these marketing poster/adverts in a real estate agents window. I apologize for the reflections. At first I was confused, but then as I read them I got it and thought how clever each was and as a group.
Remember this catch phrase under each photo just above the brokerage name, which is hard to read because of the size:
Matching people and property in London for over 160 years. 
I like … (13 comments)

real estate: They were not there to kill us! - 03/14/17 07:34 AM
My middle son, Jeremy, decided to become a Marine. He left for boot camp on Mothers Day.
He has written a book about his experiences called Kicking Ace Taking Names you can order the book by following the link and all profits go to support veterans.
One of the lessons I learnt from him was something he said about Boot Camp. As good parents we had tried to prepare him, on reading the book wrongly it seemed, by preparing him in case he did not make it through. 
Much later he said talking about the Drill Instructors and Boot Camp in general, "Dad, they weren't … (40 comments)

real estate: Tredyffrin Easttown Single Family Home Market Report January 2017 - 02/17/17 01:33 PM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - Single family homes January 2017
The Tredyffrin Easttown Real estate market is strong and healthy.
There are currently 126 single family Tredyffrin Easttown homes for sale. 12 of these homes for sale are under contract. Prices range from $215,000 for a 3 bed 1 bath home to $8,000,000 for a 9 bed 7 full baths and 2 half bath home. So you can see there is a large difference in the types and price of homes available.
There are 29 homes Pending and 15 homes Settled during January ranging in price from $329,000 - $1,400,000. Of the homes which … (2 comments)

real estate: Why I do what I do - 02/15/17 07:12 AM
Why I do what I do
Liz and Bill Spears challenged us to write this month about what we love about our job. Several people have written about how they don't view what they do as a job, others about what motivates them. When I got to thinking about this I knew what I was going to write about. My why I do this job, be a Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor.
I remember it clear as day, I was sitting in a continuing education class, and being the smart Realtor I was I had chosen an ABR course, that is Accredited Buyer Representative so … (13 comments)

real estate: Early adapter - 02/13/17 06:59 AM
I am an early adapter. I am not sure why but I embrace change. Maybe it is because I am an immigrant so I have already embraced change big time. While others moan about change I get on with adjusting and seeing how to sue this new thing. Social media, I have accounts on every channel. I may delete them later when I don't feel it works for me, but I will give it a try. 
So Active Rain wants to know for February what we tools we love, just 2 of them and why for a contest titles Tools and Systems.

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