valley forge park: Speechless Sunday - 11/17/19 08:27 AM

Yesterday was very cold and blustery, needed to go for a walk, but really had to persuade myself to go, so glad I did as I came across this lovely guy, as I have said before Blue Herons have become my Spirit Animal and to go out and see this guy was a big thrill.

valley forge park: Dinosaurs were here! - 03/31/19 02:00 PM
Saturday saw some beautiful Spring almost Summer weather visit our area and Valley Forge Park was abuzz with families and couples walking, running, biking and enjoying all the park has to offer. 
A little while ago an article was published that somewhere in the park several dinosaur fossils from the Triassic period had been found on a path. Hiking so often as I do there I have been keeping my eyes peeled. I thought I knew where but was unable to identify any specific fossils. Till yesterday, when I saw this gentleman explaining to his friend what he was looking at, right in the … (13 comments)

valley forge park: History in our midst - 07/09/17 10:09 AM
What I love about our area is the glimpses of history around us. Driving out via Valley Forge Park to Phoenixville along Route 252 North a little before you get to Route 23 you see the bridge below. Recently repaired after a truck clipped the side and demolished a portion of it it is a glimpse of days gone by. 
There is parking close by and a lovely trail along the river or creek bank under the shade of trees. It is popular with those who want an easy flat walk and those who will challenge the hill it sits at the … (17 comments)

valley forge park: Is this really cold? What about Valley Forge? - 12/16/16 11:35 AM
Is this really cold? What about Valley Forge?
I often ask myself when I am complaining inwardly about the cold, "Is this really cold? What about Valley Forge?"
I am usually wearing multiple layers of good modern materials designed to keep me warm, decent gloves, solid shoes, a scarf and a hat and coat. Back in the 18th century when the American Colonial Army sheltered in Valley Forge after the Battle of the Brandywine it was cold. Most of the men had threadbare clothing, often no shoes and little or no pay. That was cold, little to keep your spirits up and food was … (24 comments)

valley forge park: I'm thankful for Valley Forge National Park - 11/15/16 10:48 PM
I'm thankful for Valley Forge National Park!
Being a Brit, I always found it ironic visiting here with my kids and hearing about all the history they were learning and how bad the British were portrayed. But, over the years it has become a favorite place to visit. I love walking here, around the loop, along the river in the woods, there are so many places to enjoy. It helps on bad days to soak in the sunshine, to feel the breeze, look out over the vistas and clear your mind, and just breathe. For this I am thankful that wise men, … (9 comments)

valley forge park: Valley Forge Wooden Covered Bridge - a little piece of history - 03/17/12 01:07 AM
I love this bridge in Valley Forge National Park,

There is a great path along the creek, lovely in the summer under the leaves

So much character and history


valley forge park: Sunday Brunch - 09/18/11 11:40 PM

Sunday brunch is something as Realtors we don't get the opportunity to enjoy too often as most Sundays we will be running around preparing for an open house in the afternoon. But this weekend we have guests visiting from Alberta Canada and after showing them Valley Forge National Park we decided to visit Cafe Winberie on Rt 252 running up to the park right by Chesterbrook and Gateway Shopping Center.
This restaurant has a really nice feel, tiled floors, dark woods and and enough light to allow you to see without blinding you. Brunch was fabulous with lots of great … (2 comments)

valley forge park: Valley Forge Park just minutes from Main Line neighborhoods - 06/20/11 04:02 AM

Walking through Valley Forge National Park you can get some really wonderful views. When these flowers bloom the view will be even better. We always think of the winter spent in Valley Forge, but forget much longer was spent there training the Revolutionary Army.

You can see examples of cabins throughout the park, but it does not really give the sense of what it must have been like, with so many men, women and probably children running around, horses cantering through to give reports to officers and the continual patrols that were mounted to raise food and keep an … (2 comments)

valley forge park: Where's Mom? - 06/18/11 08:29 AM

This morning we were up in Valley Forge for a walk, we saw this baby fawn all on it's own, Mom had obviously left, these walkers just could not resist touching which is a shame, as their scent is now on the fawn. No sign of Mom anywhere, when we came back this way the fawn was just curled up at the side of the path waiting for it's mother, sad, but a fact of life.
As the park has been conducting a cull on the herd, cannot expect the ranges to care about one baby fawn at the side … (3 comments)

valley forge park: Valley Forge - 06/18/11 08:23 AM
Valley Forge is minutes from our house. It's beauty often taken for granted, but sometimes an early morning walk just allows you to capture the joy of living so close to something so esoteric, the history, the beauty, the nature.


valley forge park: Places I like - Valley Forge Park - 07/15/09 04:00 AM
Ever since I moved here 20 years ago I have loved Valley Forge. 3700 acres of National Park right on your door step to enjoy, trails to jog, bike or hike hills or along creeks or the Schuykill River. This 10 minute video gives a short tour of the park with some interesting clips from around the park. Hope you enjoy and make a trip, it is well worth it. For more information you can read some of the history on our website.
Valley Forge a short tour produced by Nick Vandekar on WellcomeMat  

valley forge park: Valley Forge Park on Inaugaration Day - 01/20/09 02:46 AM
After the first real Winter snow last evening I decided to take a walk up at Valley Forge Park on this historic day of the inaugaration of our new president.
Our flag through the arch at Valley Forge Park               

Another view of the arch.

Can you imagine sleeping in these in this weather.

A view towards the gun park at Valley Forge

I believe this is a view of Misery Hill

A view of the church (way off in the back ground on the right) across the park 


valley forge park: Chesterbrook, PA sales information - 01/19/09 05:21 AM

Thirty homes are available in Chesterbrook for sale right now, all are apartments or townhomes. Last year, 2008, just over one hundred homes sold in Chesterbrook from 1 bed room apartments to single family homes. Only two of the sales were single family homes both four bedroom homes in the Green Hills section of Chesterbrook; all the other homes were townhouses or apartments.
 Trying to see a pattern of sales one notices they split up into several price points for specific types of homes, although location, updating to bathrooms, kitchens and having a garage does make a difference obviously.
 One … (0 comments)

valley forge park: Valley Forge National Park - 12/01/07 10:36 PM
Today we see rolling hills open spaces and some wooded areas, the Park itself is much larger than many realize. The following web site is the official Park site:, go here to find out news of special events, directions, hours of opening and news about construction being carried out in the park.
There is also an excellent page detailing the history of Valley Forge. What lies below is an overview. Having spent many hours walking, jogging and relaxing in the park I can wholeheartedly recommend a visit. There is a sense of history, and as you follow the walking … (4 comments)

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