kitchen: Time to Organize your Kitchen - 02/12/12 03:12 AM
Time to Organize~ This is the time to organize, when the weather is cold and nasty out turn your energy inside to your home. Before you begin take time to prepare for the event. You will want new containers, new baskets, and new labels for your items. You need to be able to find things quickly and without opening each container. Measure your shelves and the items you will be storing. There are so many unique containers available today, some efficient and beautiful all at once. No need to have a blah pantry or kitchen at all. If you can add … (2 comments)

kitchen: New to Mom part 2 - 04/22/08 12:37 AM
Here are more pictures of the redesign/reno of the Mom's home. I bet she will be afraid to leave next winter. Not really, I know she is thrilled. This is more of the bathroom.

I am not one who thinks flushes need to be shown in pictures but I do think the job done here is great.

Next of kitchen wall before

same wall after


sunroom after

Hope you enjoy,it was a whole house project and took from New Year's until last week. Would I do another? In a heartbeat!!