Absorption Rate in Gilbert, Arizona July 2015 Real estate market data for Gilbert, AZ provided by Nicole Doty of  Zion Realty. What is the Absorption Rate when it comes to real estate? The Absorption Rate chart shows how long the current inventory of properties would last at the current rate of s...
Do you ever catch yourself deep in thought pondering life's great mysteries?Reflection can hit us at any moment. We could be sitting in our favorite chair while reading a book on a lazy afternoon. Maybe we're watching the rain fall down as we're relaxing on the front porch swing. Wherever we're a...
 Home Owners Associations can be a very positive and necessary component to a neighborhood. They ensure cleanliness of the streets and sidewalks. In some subdivisions that have common green belt areas, parks, and playgrounds, they are in charge of trimming trees, grass, bushes, and the upkeep of ...
Did you know that Dalmatians are not born with their signature spots? They get their spots as they grow and mature. Each dalmatian puppy gets their spots at their own pace as nature intended. Their patterns are unique. Some have more spots than others yet their health and wellness is not dependen...
The Most Expensive Home sold in Arizona last week was a Million Dollar Flip! Purchased as a short sale for 2 Million dollars back in 2013 an investment group took on this monster of a renovation both in size and dollar amount.  The interior was completely redone, including the flooring, kitchen, ...
Days on Market in Gilbert, Arizona July 2015 Real estate market data for Gilbert, AZ provided by Nicole Doty of  Zion Realty. It appears we've rebounded a bit from the plateau the market saw from May to June of 2015 in the amount of time it is taking to sell a home in the Gilbert, Arizona. July s...
A real estate transaction is never complete until everyone signs on the dotted line at the closing table. Some home purchases go smoother than expected while others can be forty miles of rough road. However, one thing is always for sure; You need to be engaged and present for your clients the who...
Last week's Animals of the MLS featured a ninja cat hidden and ready to pounce on any unsuspecting potential buyer. This week is the exact opposite! Here we find two furry friends front and center for all to see. One is enjoying an afternoon of leisure on their dog bed and the other is either foc...
Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and other parts of Phoenix usually get all the attention when it comes to million dollar properties in Arizona. While it is true that Gilbert isn't specifically known for luxury homes that doesn't mean we can't hold our own. Gilbert has many custom home communities th...
Before the economic recession purchasing a parcel of land to build your personal dream home was within reach for many people. Once the real estate market began it's free fall, land lost severe value along with everything else. Some land owners got stuck holding on to lots that were worth only hal...

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