This week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS is ready for their close up! Posed and poised our four-legged friend is ready to ham it up for the cameras! You can't help but smile when you see such a happy creature enjoying the special attention they are getting at this moment. This dog appears a...
Halloween is a festive time full of ghouls, ghosts, candy, and costumes. Whether you or your children go to work or school imitating a favorite comic book hero, famous celebrity, or favorite historical figure there is plenty of fun to be had by all. One of my daughter's chose the popular costume ...
The day has finally arrived! Your real estate agent just handed you the keys to your new home and all seemed right with the world. It had taken years to save up the necessary down payment and your credit score was carefully looked after so that there would be no un-forseen issues qualifying for a...
The most expensive home that sold in Arizona last week is located in the community of Estancia. The Estancia Golf Course was voted one of the top 100 golf courses in America for 2015-2016 by Golf digest. Opened in 1995 this exclusive private course is nestled on 640 acres of Scottsdale's famed Pi...
Days on Market in Gilbert, Arizona September 2015 Real estate market data for Gilbert, AZ provided by Nicole Doty of  Zion Realty. It was bound to happen eventually. The amount of time it was taking to sell a home in Gilbert had been steadily declining since March until now. Gilbert saw it's seco...
Real estate has enough complications between contract disputes, low-ball appraisals, restrictive lending standards, and emotional client reactions. As business professionals we shouldn't be making it even more difficult on each other. We're in the trenches together. Our responsibilities are to th...
We've got a curious treasure hunter for this week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS. Are they trying to figure out where they buried that chew toy their owner gave them the day prior? Is that a possible mid-afternoon snack they've just happened upon? Perhaps a strange cat got in to their yard ...
Since the economic recession Gilbert, Arizona has seen home prices steadily increase. This has been a positive sign for homeowners as very few mortgages are left underwater. The negative aspect of home values increasing is the decreased affordability that comes along with those gains. First time ...
I began my Real Estate career in 1998. A lot has changed in that time. Economies have crashed and been rebuilt. New technologies have allowed home buyers to take more control of their own home searches. Mobile devices and electronic signatures have revolutionized how business is done. Some advanc...
We're back in the DC Ranch Silverleaf neighborhood for this weeks installment of the most expensive home that sold in Arizona last week. A little history lesson of the area reveals that the Silverleaf name comes from the historic mining claim that was filed on the property in the late 1800's and ...

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