business: What Girl Scout Cookies taught me about Business - 03/01/16 06:18 AM

Who doesn't know about those bite-sized, irresistibly tasty treats called Girl Scout cookies? That's a rhetorical question of course. Everyone knows them and loves them. Whether you're a fan of the traditional Thin Mint or prefer the chocolate, coconut combination in Samoas each person has their favorite. Beginning in 1917 sales of Girl Scout cookies as a way to finance troop activities proved to be a prosperous endeavor. In the early 1920's they were sold for a mere ¢25 to ¢30 per dozen. Today, it's estimated that nearly 200 million boxes of cookies are sold each year. 
So how did Girl Scout cookies go from a … (82 comments)

business: Don't let your Business get Scrooged at Christmas - 12/14/15 07:58 AM

Adults and children alike are all familiar with the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. The heartwarming story tells of a bitter, old curmudgeon named Ebenezer Scrooge who is taken on a self-reflective and redemptive journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Although this fictional adventure is full of imagination and fabricated characters there's a lot to be said about the hidden business principles buried within this fable. 
Ebenezer Scrooge had a difficult time understanding how the world around him wasted their time and energy on ridiculous holiday festivities when there was work to be done and money to be made. He found it … (43 comments)

business: Are you Business Bilingual? - 09/15/15 02:56 AM

My grandparents migrated here from Mexico nearly 100 years ago. They did not speak a word of English when they arrived here. When they had children they insisted that they integrate in to the American schools and adopt English as their primary language. Spanish was spoken in the home but my mother, aunts, and uncles learned to use both languages depending upon the circumstance and surroundings. Over time, however, the ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish slowly dissipated from the family and now three generations later no one is fluent. 
It's difficult to speak multiple languages. Not everyone is born with the ability and … (57 comments)

business: What I learned about business from my cat this year - 12/29/14 05:01 AM

As entrepreneurs every year we take marketing classes, subscribe to business magazines, and read industry related blogs about how to be successful. Any good real estate agent never stops trying to gain knowledge to further themselves. Now that this year is coming to a close I was reflecting back on everything I had learned when my cat Butters walked in to my home office and alerted me to the fact that her food dish was empty and she didn't appreciate it. It occurred to me that I too had worked almost half the day away and hadn't stopped to eat either. As I was making lunch for … (31 comments)

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