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I want to take a few moments to personally thank everyone who signed up for my Coach-A-Thon call last week with the NFSTI REO Masters Network. The session drew a big crowd and I found it exciting to be able to share my knowledge, insights and tips into bpo automation software with everyone. I was...
Come hear me speak live on a conference call about "BPO Automation Made Simple and Profitable." I'll be sharing inside tips and tricks so that you can learn how to benefit from automating your BPO and REO orders. I'll also be discussing auto-accept software on the call. You will not want to miss...
There are a lot of times when I hear other people who are working outside of our industry talk about how hard times are for themselves and for their families right now. As I'm sure you are well aware many people all across the great expanse of the United States are in trouble financially. A lot o...
In case you are not aware of me or what I do, my name is Nicole Ocean. I am a certified real estate instructor here in Washington state. Plus, I've am also in the BPO and REO business and help educate others all over the U.S. about the BPO and REO business. Within the business side of my life, I'...
June 29, 2009 -- This video by the BPO Automation Group shows our solution to order auto-acceptance, based on the iMacros software suite. We demonstrate a number of past & present auto-acceptors, automatically checking test-accounts and accepting orders Our software is transparent and secure - it...
You Simply Cannot Afford to Miss this 2-day Class! "The NFSTI A3 course was designed to emphasize 3 categories of REO business: Asset Valuation, Automation, and Acquisition of Listings. The "3 A's", as we call them, help agents and brokers around the country to re-tool their real estate business ...
 I feel very strongly that designations are extremely helpful within your real estate career. Not only do they help you stand out within the sometimes daunting array of others in the business, but they also help showcase you to the world as an expert. One of the main keys is to try to pursue ones...
I'm writing you today to announce some very exciting changes that are occurring with Nicolesdreams eBooks. With all of your support and loyalty, I have been fortunate enough to be able to expand my business and add some important elements to enhance the current products that I offer. Those of you...
I couldn't resist writing this blog because I wanted to give another insight that many people have wondered about, but not known for sure is going on. Many people are experiencing this phenomena as well, It all starts when someone gets an email notification that a new order is available. When the...
Schedule Your Remote Access Session with Me Today! In case you have not heard yet, I am a direct consultant & reseller for the automation software. I use the automation software to do all of my own BPO & REO orders. I also use the AUTO-ACCEPT feature (That I mastered and share as a FREE Video Bo...

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