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Beating Burnout, Pressure & Frustration! You don't have to tell a single person in this business that it's a very difficult and challenging niche to be in. We all understand this! My story is similar to many others in that when I got into the BPO business, six years ago in September of 2006, I w...
Save Even More Time and Money By Using Custom Macros! We are proud to announce the advent a new department within BPO Automation Group, our Custom Macro Department. Our custom macro service provides any BPO Automation Group 'AutoFill' customer the opportunity to hire us to create custom macro sc...
Season's Greetings!   As we enter this holiday season the staff and management of BPO Automation Group extends to you our Best Wishes!   As a completely FREE holiday gift, BPOA now offers exclusive access to the 'BPO Inner Circle' for all of our customers within our 'AutoFill' software. The 'Inn...
  Many Spoke, We Listened!  This is Nicole Ocean, with the BPO Automation Group. I wanted to let you know about a very special announcement: Our BPO AutoFill is Now Available as a Monthly  or Purchase Option!Monthly Price of $59.00 includes: * FULL Access to all 240+ macros (for your forms) for ...
  Our BPO Company of the Month of August is....Ocwen/Altisource! I woke up this morning and like most day's I start by opening up our Order Central AutoAccept software to check the Stats and see how the software is performing for our customers. When I opened up the 'Statistics' tab this morning,...
    Let's Look at Some Real Numbers of Captured BPO Orders.... BPO Automation Group's Order Central auto-accept software has been producing record numbers of BPO orders for BPO & REO agents and brokers nationwide in the last 2+ years. We are one of the few remaining companies to provide real est...
Hi everyone,  This is Nicole Ocean of the BPO Automation Group. I, along with Tim Ventura started the BPO Automation Group in April of 2009. In case you aren't familiar with what we as a company do, let me mention quickly that we are the industry leaders in BPO automation software for BPO & REO ...
‘Double Your BPO Income in 2011' (Webinar) Hi there everybody!The BPO Automation Group is proud to sponsor an upcoming live 2-hour webinar course put on by the BPO University, an accredited real estate school that specialized in BPO training and education. (Price is: $49.00) In the last few year...
  I Had a Wonderful Conversation with a CEO of a Major BPO Mill Last Week.... During my hour long conversation with the Owner/CEO of a Major BPO Mill last week, I learned some very important information and perspectives that I want to share with you. As you may be aware BPO Auto-Accept software ...
  Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words.... BPO Automation Group's Order Central auto-accept software has been producing record numbers of BPO orders for BPO & REO agents and brokers nationwide as BPO volume has been down.  Let's look at last month's capture stats, please see the image below. G...

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