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This is all about Des Moines Metro Real Estate. Comments can be posted about the state of the market and other real estate related items.
Did you hear our Internet Radio show on Saturday? WOW!!! The lightbulb suddenly came on! Holly Olson, the Executive Director of Neighborhood Finance Corporation was on our show discussing how NFC can help your home ownership dreams come true. NFC are targeting areas of Des Moines to maintain or r...
We are counting down to the end of the $8000 first time homebuyers tax credit. Now the question is : Would the Federal Government end this program just as we are coming into Winter? Would this not kill the economy? Or am I being biased as a Realtor®? Will they extend it? Will they increase it? Wi...
Wow!! How time flies! Only 4 months left to grab your $8000 from the government when you buy your first home! Take a look at this cool video that RE/MAX has produced to promote the tax credit. If anyone knows how to download it and change the end to show my web address - please let me know! :) ht...
If you are a home seller and your property remains unsold for a long period of time, there are a lot of possible causes. Here are some of the possible reasons why your home has not sold.   You're selling your property at too high a price Homes that are not sold immediately are priced too high. Ev...
Homes may contain cracks in walls and floors, though these may not be a serious problem to the home's stability, other problems may be present. Something that can't be easily noticed and observed, especially by the naked eye could be working its way through the cracks and crevices. Actually, what...
Due to the overabundance of homes for sale and declining economy, a lot of homeowners are facing problems when trying to sell their homes. The competition of resale homes on the market, along with the increasing number of distressed properties, are causing prices to be driven downwards. Many peop...
Purchasing Properties Owned by the Bank More people are becoming interested in purchasing properties owned by the bank. We often see information advertised promising to make us lot of money without having to put much effort - once we know the secret how to do it. In reality, there is no such thin...
This is amazing. The Mortgage Bankers Association keep statistics on foreclosures, payment defaults etc. As a Certified Distressed Properties Expert, I get regular updates on this information. When I received these numbers, I just had to share them! First, I would like to explain the definitions ...
Avoid pricing your property too high Although you would like to maximize profit when selling your property, this could actually hinder you. When your property is listed too high, potential buyers will not look. Once you realize this and reduce the price, buyers start thinking it is an old listing...
Do you plan to buy a new home? Are you eyeing houses that are on short sale to fit your tight budget? Prior to deciding to offer on a short sale, you need to carefully assess the sellers' situation. When a home is in short sale, it is being sold at price usually lower than the amount owed to the ...

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