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After months of spinning my wheels trying to get a deal done, the seller filed for bankrupcty...what she and her attorney did not know, but my title company did is the following:   FL Statue 522(F) states the following: Judgments that are certified and recorded prior to the bankruptcy "survive th...
Hi Everyone!  Yes I am sitting here blogging on my birthday.  So I thought to myself, hmmm....I have been trying to increase my points to regain my former ranking and was wondering if my AR community would help.  I know it is a bit lame, I don't even really celebrate my birthday, but thought this...
I keep getting bumped out of the anyone out there having the same problem?  To boot I just tried to comment on a blog and after finally refreshing it had posted my comment five times.  That is embarrassing.  Needless to say I deleted them, but I am sure the author got five emails of m...
I am sitting here stewing about a listing that I have almost had for a year.  It is a short sale that I priced as high (I did this to show the bank that I did everything possible to get the highest price) as I could go and then did the appropriate price reductions.  When I got to the right price...

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