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This is some great info that you can share with your clients, expecially those who have experienced short sales and foreclosures: Short Sale/Foreclosure Tax Tips If your mortgage debt is partially or entirely forgiven during tax years 2007 through 2012 due to short sale or foreclosure, you may be...
Smoke free ordinances are being passed by many cities banning smoking in multifamily apartment housing. In 2007, Oakland became the first city asking landlords to designate units as smoking and non-smoking. These ordinances being passed by many cities are controversial. Since smoking is legal, ma...
1. Identify distressed properties.  2010 will continue to provide opportunities for picking up distressed properties. Over the next 3 years the commercial debt for acquisition of apartments is coming will be coming due and it will be difficult to refinance these properties in the new conservativ...
You can save on 2009 taxes by taking action before the end of the year. As always you should always consult with your accountant or tax consultant on how these tax strategies apply to your personal situation. Also the tax tail should never wag the business dog. Be sure to take action on these tax...
  In Massachusetts, where I have practiced real estate law since 1968, the fiscal year for local real estate taxes begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Almost all cities and towns collect taxes on a quarterly basis, although there are still a few semi-annual holdouts. In any event, to the best o...
Commercial Real Estate Investments – Is it a Generational Opportunity? Current good deals for real estate investors and landlords are deals that turned bad for previous investors and lenders that provided financing to the investors. Commercial property values have declined considerably and in som...
Foreclosures and REO’s are bringing many investors out of the woodwork - and some of the new investors who are novices are making many mistakes in selecting and purchasing of undervalued residential real estate. RealtyTimes published an article that discusses a situation where a novice investor p...
BusinessWeek editor Chris Palmeri got his first residential rental property in March and faced the usual challenges of property management. Many real estate investors, especially the ones who own properties far away from where they live - do the smart thing and hire a property manager so that the...
According to Builder magazine the real estate markets that have been hit the hardest will take the most time to recover. They did a study of all the real estate markets in USA to determine which ones are the weakest.  The real estate markets that appear on this list have had the most job losses, ...
Interesting situation! I had a listing that had some neighbors that were nice neighbors, but their yard was somewhat of an eyesore. It really wasn't as much the yard as it was the house. It also needed some touch up and my seller was willing to help out. You see, in today's world my seller and I ...

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