real estate marketing: Time for a Much Needed Vacation! - 08/25/09 08:01 AM
I haven't blogged in a while, but now ends right now! I am so excited I can't contain myself! Why?
I am finally going on vacation!
Now I know what you are thinking, Summer is just about over, what is this guy on, right?
Well, to tell you a little more about myself - it's been a long time since I've taken a break for vacation (over 3 years, when my journey at TReXGlobal first began!).
As the Director of Community Relations for, the maker of super cool Property Management Software - there are quite a few things that I … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: Dear Panda, I Need to Know the Truth - 07/03/09 05:37 AM
If you took the time to figure out what your clients really want, and then helped them get what they wanted without any commitment or obligation, you would have a lot more success with your business.
Ask a Panda.

Assuming you could talk to the Panda, the Panda would tell you I am correct. Here’s why:
Let’s say my friend, Bob the Panda, just moved into your neighborhood, and Bob the Panda is really cool… You very badly want Bob to be your friend because of the benefit that can come out of your relationship with him… For the … (6 comments)

real estate marketing: Pull, don't Push... Bernice said so... - 06/29/09 11:51 AM
Bernice Ross wrote a great article on how old-school marketing tactics don’t work well in today’s Web 2.0 environment, and if you’re ready to implement some of the “new school” marketing strategies, here are six strategies to get you started. My favorite was “Pull, don’t push.”
The old-school approach “pushes” out information in the form of newspaper advertisements, magazine ads, and Just Listed and Just Sold cards. Agents “push” their services by door-knocking for expired listings and for-sale-by-owners.  While “pushing” certainly still works, it is costly and time consuming.
Telling people to go to your website is pushing them. Giving them … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: Investors Chomping through the Backlog - Keep Feeding Them! - 05/25/09 06:49 AM
The recent changes in mortgage rules are certainly helping investors get back in to the market. Fannie Mae had previously limited investors by allowing them to finance only up to four properties, regardless of whether they had money for a down payment, and perfect credit. Ever since March, the limit was increased from 4 to 10.
An article in FloridaToday describes how this has changed the real estate climate. Scott Bray, vice president of residential lending for AmeriBest Mortgage in Satellite Beach, said in the article that before the limit was raised, he would take one or two calls a week … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: Investors Pouncing on Distressed Homes - 05/20/09 07:09 AM
Interesting article today from Wall Street Journal that highlights some of the latest investment trends. Real-estate agents in many markets say investor buying is high, and one way to tell is by looking at how many home buyers are paying all cash. Though not every cash sale involves an investor, the investors often use cash because they can close quicker and get a better return. In the Phoenix area, for example, about 38% of April sales of single-family homes were all-cash deals.
Buying houses, rather than apartment buildings or other commercial property, tends to favor small investors who are agile and … (9 comments)

real estate marketing: Gaining Investor Clients and Growing Business - 05/14/09 06:45 AM
Real estate investors are the most active buyer In the current markets. They account for more than 1 out of every 5 real estate transactions,and 75% of their purchases are single family homes, condos, and townhouses.What are you doing NOW to grow your business with investor clients, and what actions can real estate professionals take to make investor clients want to do business with them?I think it's important to put yourself in an investor's shoes, and think about how you can solve their pain points. When you provide investor clients with solutions that address their needs, they see that you have … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: Cutting Costs in a Recession Can do More Harm than Good - 05/07/09 09:57 AM
I read an excellent post in Monica O'Brien's "Resourceful Marketer" blog and I think everyone should check it out, "4 lessons from the food industry on how to make money in a recession – Hint: it’s not by cutting prices".
It’s too bad her insights can’t be found in textbooks! I think she had some really good advice that totally hitting the nail on the head. I agreed that cutting back in a recession is not always the way to go, and we can learn from other industries and apply that knowledge to our own.
Just the other day, I … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: Getting Real Estate Investors to Buy from You - 04/30/09 10:03 AM
Utilize your Network, and Get to Be Known!
Real estate investors know what they want, where they can get it, and they don't have much difficulty finding it. Very often, they will rely on their network and referrals to provide assistance when they are in need of help. Obviously, you want to be a part of this network that they will use – and so the million dollar question for today is, “How do you get there?”
You certainly won't make it very far if no one knows about your business, so the first step for any agent is getting to … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: 25 Minute Webinar this Friday - 04/22/09 08:29 AM
No one ever believes me about this webinar, and I don't blame them. I know it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but convincing others is not such an easy task. So I'll leave it up to the pros!

real estate marketing: Real Estate Taxes - 04/15/09 06:17 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Real Estate Taxes
Taxes paid on property assessed by a local government or other taxing authority are deductible when paid.
Common fees include taxes paid to your city, county, or school district.

If you have a mortgage, usually the total amount is reported on your mortgage interest statement (IRS Form 1098). In addition to real estate taxes, the interest recipient may use box 5 to give you other information, like the address of the property that secures the debt, and insurance paid from escrow.
Real estate taxes get reported on Schedule E if … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Why You Should HIRE FAMILY MEMBERS - 04/14/09 08:42 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Hire Family Members to Manage Your Properties
Property management fees are fully deductible, so consider hiring someone that you don't mind paying, like a family member.
Obviously, the expense of your own labor cannot be written off, but that doesn't mean your spouse or children have to work for free.

By hiring family members, it won't bother you to pay management fees because the expense is fully deductible, and the money stays within your family :)
Keep in mind you'll have to withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes for the income you pay.
AND … (17 comments)

real estate marketing: WALK AWAY FROM INVESTORS... and tell them to never come back - 04/14/09 07:07 AM
Investor Marketing Tip - WALK AWAY from investors
Click here for tips A-Z
Walk away from all your investor clients and prospects. Tell them you don’t need to do business with them. Your website can do it for you! Just don’t add anything of value to investors onto your website, and they'll never come back to you every 2.2 years. It’s as simple as that!

You can also get closer to all your investor clients and prospects. Tell them why they should do business with you. Your website can do it for you! Just add something of value to investors … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: Collecting in Advance - 04/13/09 08:27 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Collect Rent in Advance to Offset Loss Carryovers
One main benefit of owning rental property is being able report a loss, but some taxpayers cannot take advantage of this tax shelter due to high income loss limitations. Their losses get carried forward, and cannot get deducted until they are offset with future income.

If your rental expenses exceed rental income, and your AGI limitations do not allow you to claim a loss, you can decrease the loss carryover by increasing rental income. Since rental income is taxable in the year it is collected, rental losses … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Traveling Away From Home - 04/12/09 06:09 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Traveling Away from Home
You can deduct the expense of traveling away from home if the primary purpose of the trip was to collect rental income or to manage, conserve, or maintain rental property.

You can also deduct expenses incurred while staying overnight when traveling for business. You cannot deduct the cost of traveling away from home if the primary purpose of the trip was the improvement of your property. You can read Publication 463 to learn the specifics.
Everyone's tax situation is different, and this information should not substitute professional advice. Taxpayers should … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: Tomorrow, 4/10, at 11AM PST, for 25 minutes... - 04/09/09 10:39 AM

real estate marketing: Expenses that can be Written Off Immediately - 04/09/09 05:54 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Repairs due to Vandalism can be Expensed Immediately
If rental property is damaged by vandalism, the cost of repairing the property to its previous condition is immediately deductible instead of being capitalized and depreciated.

For example, say you replaced an entire window frame on your property. Normally the cost would get added back to the basis and depreciated because windows are a component of the building structure (depreciated over 27.5 years). However, since the improvement is the result of vandalism, it is treated like a repair, and the costs are deducted in the year the … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: 1 out of 5 Buyers is WHAT? - 04/08/09 10:29 AM
1 out of every 5 buyers is an investor!!!
This was again confirmed by NAR in their latest annual study on second homes and investment purchases. They found that purchases for investment purposes accounted for more than one out of five home sales in 2008. Second homes and vacation property purchases dropped last year to 9 percent of the total market, down from 14 percent in 2006.

Here are some other interesting findings:
66% of what investors purchased last year was detached single family units, 22% were condos or duplexes, and only 8% of purchases were multi-units, attached townhouses, … (10 comments)

real estate marketing: You can do WHAT with Health Insurance? - 04/08/09 07:28 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Making Health Insurance a Rental Expense
Costs to insure rental property are deductible, so depending on how you structure your rental business, you may be able to cover your life and medical insurance as part of the rental business.

Structuring your rental property as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) may permit you to deduct these costs for you and your family, but you should talk to a tax advisor to find out more. Everyone's tax situation is different, and this information should not substitute professional advice. Taxpayers should always consult with their tax advisors to … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Giving Gifts that Lower Taxes - 04/07/09 06:53 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Giving Gifts and Lowering Taxes
If you give gifts in the course of your business, you can deduct all or part of the cost, but you cannot deduct more than $25 for each business gift that you gave away during the tax year.

A gift that is intended for the eventual personal use or benefit of a particular person or class of people will be considered a gift to that person or class of people. If you give a gift to a member of a customer's family, the gift is generally considered to be an … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: Pay your Kids, so they can Pay for Themselves! - 04/06/09 10:02 AM
Last Minute Tax Tip - Pay your Kids and Open their IRAs
If it looks like you will have a large taxable liability at the end of the year, it's not a bad idea to hire your kids to landscape your rentals.

You can pay your kids to do work on your properties, and put the money in IRA accounts for them. This is especially a good idea if you’ve already maxed out on your and your spouse’s IRA contribution for the year. You’re better off avoiding the taxes on your extra income, and the money will be safe in … (9 comments)

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