search charlotte homes for sale: What Happened In Charlotte Region's Housing Market In Quarter 2, 2019? - 07/14/19 05:13 AM
Charlotte, NC Region Housing Market Update: 
2nd Quarter 2019
Second Quarter 2019 Charlotte, North Carolina region's home sales continued the trends we've seen since 2015. Home buyers are still finding the housing market very competitive with higher home prices and a lack of properties to buy, especially in affordable homes. Buyers looking for a bargain are "hard pressed" to find one. 
Meantime, home sellers continue to sell their homes relatively quickly and for top dollar, when priced right for condition and location. The "story" of the second quarter 2019 might well be about the continued decreases in the supply of homes available for sale across the region with a resulting increase … (22 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Summer 2019 Is A Great Time To Buy A Charlotte Area Home You'll Love - 06/21/19 01:03 PM
3 Top Reasons Summer 2019 Is A Great Time To Buy A Charlotte Area Home You'll Love!
1. Home Prices Will Continue to Rise
CoreLogic's most recent US Home Price Insights report shows that home prices have appreciate 3.7% over the past 12 months. This report also predicts that prices will continue to increase at a rate of 4.8% in the coming year.
In the Charlotte region, through May 2019 average home sale prices have increased 3.6% year-to-date, while median home sale prices have increased 4.5% year-to-date. Housing affordability is down 5% in the Charlotte region 2019 year-to-date. Meantime, inventory of homes for sale … (18 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: June 2019: National Homeownership Month - Still The American Dream - 06/01/19 06:00 AM

June 2019 Is National Homeownership Month
Each year the month of June is National Homeownership Month... and June 2019 is no exception.  As President Trump's Proclomation of National Homeowneship Month of June 2019 said: "During National Homeownership Month, we acknowledge the benefits of sustainable homeownership. Homeownership continues to be an important option for many Americans to invest in their communities, build wealth, and achieve the American Dream."
Homeownership Month is a time to celebrate and promote the American Dream of owning a home. It's also great time to reflect on the many benefits of homeownership that go way beyond the financial, as home ownership provides … (48 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: How Much Do You Know About Your State? Fun Facts About North Carolina - 05/28/19 06:06 AM
How Much Do You Know About Your State?
In the past several days, I came across an article in that listed the oldest businesses in every state in the union. In North Carolina it is The Tavern in Old Salem in Winston-Salem. Founded in 1784, The Tavern in Old Salem is famous for its Moravian chicken pot pie, filled with chunks of chicken in a rich broth. This is a actually a colonial era dish that has been served for 235 years and even today is considered a staple of North Carolina cuisine. If you don't know what the oldest business … (44 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Coffee With A Cop In Charlotte's Ballantyne Area: Wednesday, May 29th - 05/23/19 01:42 PM
Coffee With A Cop In Ballantyne Area: May 29th
Charlotte/Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) will be hosting a Coffee with a Cop event in the Ballantyne area on Wednesday, May 29th from 9:30 am till 11:00 am at the Starbucks in the Promenade Shopping Center,  located at 5361 Ballantyne Commons Parkway.  Coffee with a Cop  provides a special opportunity to meet your local police officers who serve the South Charlotte/Ballantyne area and to learn more about how the CMPD works in our neighborhoods. No agenda, just good conversation!
Because the majority of contacts police officers have with the public typically revolve around emergencies, those are  times that  aren't  necessarily … (18 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: What Happened In Charlotte's SW/Steele Creek Housing Market In April 2019? - 05/18/19 05:20 AM
APRIL 2019
Southwest Charlotte/Steele Creek housing update for April 2019. Charlotte, North Carolina’s Southwest/Steele Creek areas (28273 and 28278 zip codes) remain fundamentally seller markets with tight inventory and homes selling at  higher prices. The Steele Creek area (28273) had just 1.4 months of inventory in April. Fortunately, both areas had an increase in new listings in April. But little room for buyers to negotiate with 28273 zip code sellers receiving 100% of their ask price and 28278 zip code sellers receiving 98.5%.
It remains a … (11 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Why Are People Moving To Charlotte, North Carolina? - 05/14/19 06:50 AM
Charlotte, North Carolina Ranks High As A Great Place To Live, Work, Retire
The Queen City continues to rank high as a great place to live, work, and retire in. One study after another ranks Charlotte highly as a great place to live, work, retire in. Here's how Charlotte has been recently ranked by, Wallethub, Forbes, and US News & World Report: has ranked Charlotte a Best City in America:
To Live In: ranked #35 out of 228 cities. To Raise A Family: ranked #40 out of 228 cities. To Buy A House: ranked #36 out of 228 cities. For Young Professionals: #47 … (25 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Home Ownership Is NOT Out Of The Question For Millennials! - 03/30/19 06:22 AM
Busting The Myth That Home Ownership For Millennials Is Out Of The Question
Contrary to what many think, Millennials are able to purchase homes, especially in Charlotte. It may be time to put the question of whether home ownership is out of the question for Millennials to rest. 29% of Millennials still believe they will never be able to afford a down payment. This isn't true! As the video below points out 42% of new mortgage loans are credited to Millennials. That means almost half of the buyers who take on a mortgage are Millennials with 77% of first time buyers putting down less than … (28 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Home Buyer Guide For The Spring 2019 Season: What You Need To Know - 03/25/19 05:23 AM
Spring Is A Great Time To Buy A Home (Video)
Spring officially arrived last week. Are you thinking about buying a home in the Charlotte, NC metro area this spring? If you've been thinking about buying a home this spring, you're probably wondering what the current market is like and how to navigate it. Before you begin to shop in earnest, check out our Spring 2019 Buyer Guide of "Things To Consider When Buying A Home."
The Spring 2019 Buyer Guide of "Things To Consider When Buying A Home" provides great information on 23 timely topics home buyers should consider before buying their home, including  the following:
4 reasons to buy a home this spring and not wait.
Home … (26 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: 5-Star Review For Nina Hollander, Coldwell Banker From A Happy Client! - 03/22/19 06:31 AM
What People Are Saying About Nina Hollander's Service:
Nina Hollander with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Charlotte, North Carolina is pleased to share this 5-Star Review from a very special clients who first purchased a home in Ballantyne in South Charlotte when they moved to Charlotte from New York. Their choice of neighborhood was determined by the schools for their son who was about to enter high school. Once their son graduated, we worked with them to sell their Ballantyne home and help them buy a patio-style "retirement" home in Tega Cay, South Carolina. As they say, a "three-peat!"
There really is nothing better than a … (40 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Welcome To The Spring Housing Market: 4 Reasons To Buy This Spring - 03/20/19 04:46 AM
Spring Has Arrived & So Has The Spring Housing Market:
4 Reasons To Buy A Home This Spring
Welcome to spring and welcome to the spring housing market. If you've been thinking about buying a home in the Charlotte region this spring, here are four good reasons to do so and not to wait:
1. Home Prices Will Continue to Rise
CoreLogic’s latest U.S. Home Price Insights reports that home prices have appreciated by 4.4% over the last 12 months. The same report predicts that prices will continue to increase at a rate of 4.6% over the next year.
With no relief in sight for … (38 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: No "Irish Luck" In Finding A Charlotte Foreclosure Or Short Sale Home? - 03/17/19 12:23 PM
Foreclosure And Short Sale Homes Hard To Find In The Charlotte, NC Region
Having trouble finding a foreclosure or short sale home to purchase in the Charlotte area and thinking the Luck of the Irish has abandoned you? You'll be glad to know it's nothing to do with the luck of the Irish. Foreclosure and short sales as a percentage of total home sales in the Charlotte, North Carolina region remained very low at 1% of total sales in February 2019, down from 2% in February 2018. As a percentage of closed sales for the past 12 months, it's even lower at 0.8%.
Why Foreclosure … (22 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Don't Let Your Luck Run Out Just Because St. Patrick's Day Is Over! - 03/17/19 11:28 AM
Buy A Home This Spring! Don't Wait! Don't Let Your Luck Run Out!
St. Patrick's Day has come and has gone for another year. But that's no reason to let your luck run out when it comes to buying your Charlotte area home. This spring is the perfect time to buy a home. Interest rates remain low and spring typically brings more homes to the market to choose from! The sooner you buy, the sooner you can start building equity in your new home as home prices continue to tick upwards in the Charlotte area. And buying in spring and enjoying your new home in the … (30 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: 5 Reasons It Makes Cents To Own Your Home ~ Especially In Charlotte! - 03/08/19 05:39 AM
5 Reasons It Really Makes "Cents" To Own Your Home
This video says it call about why it makes cents to own your own home! And you might be pleasantly surprised by how great it is to own your home home!
Why It Makes "Cents" To Stop Renting In Charlotte & Buy A Home: Rents Keep Going Up, Up, Up
Charlotte renters are paying more than ever in rent. Charlotte ranks among the top 10 cities in America for rent increases. According to the personal finance website, Smart Asset, Charlotte is #6 in the nation  for rent growth compared to income. reported that "as of February … (26 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Your First Step... If You're Serious About Buying A Charlotte Home - 02/20/19 03:38 AM
Your First Step... If You're Serious About Buying A Charlotte Area Home In 2019
Are you planning on buying a home this year? Do you know the first step you need to take to show homeowners you are serious about buying is to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you do anything else! Getting pre-approved is one of the critical steps that will show home sellers that you are serious about buying and capable to do so. And it often helps speed up the process once your offer has been accepted. Besides, understanding your budget up-front will give you the confidence of knowing whether or not your … (38 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Why You Want To Be A Homeowner Not A Renter On Superbowl Sunday - 02/03/19 03:59 AM
Infographic: 5 Reasons It's Good To Be A Homeowner On Superbowl Sunday 
It's Superbowl Sunday...watching the big game at your home with your friends and family can offer many advantages.
4 More Reasons It's Good To Be A Homeowner On Any Sunday, Not Just On Superbowl Sunday!
High rental costs. The median cost of renting has risen steadily over the past 30 years. There is a long-standing rule that a household should not spend more than 28% of its income on housing expenses. With nearly half of renters (48%) surveyed already spending more than that, and with their rents likely to rise again… becoming … (26 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: What The 2019 Housing Market Might Bring Us {Infographic} - 01/08/19 05:10 AM
2019 Housing Market Forecasts & Predictions
Each year as a new year rolls around, everyone starts asking what will the housing market be like in the coming year. My crystal ball is no better than anyone else's, but I do like to watch the predictions from various sources just to get a sense of what may be in store for real estate in the coming year.
Overall, I can't argue with any of  the 5 primary predictions for the 2019 housing market that:
Inventory of homes will increase, even if not by a lot.
Interest rates will increase, also if not by a … (26 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Is One Of Your New Year's Resolutions To Buy A Charlotte Home In 2019? - 12/30/18 06:53 AM
Keep That New Year's Resolution To Buy A Home In 2019
Is one of your New Year's resolutions to buy a Charlotte area home in 2019? I can help you keep that resolution!
Did you know that just 8% of people who make New Year's resolutions succeed in keeping them? Or that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February?
You don't need to be one of the failure statistics. I can help you buy that home you've been dreaming about and we can get started immediately. It's still a great time to buy a Charlotte area home and interest rates are still … (12 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: Coco's Horror Movie Marathon In Charlotte: Just In Time For Halloween - 10/10/18 10:06 PM
Coco's Horror Movie Marathon Schedule 
If horror movies are "your thing," Coco's Horror Movie Marathon at Coco and the Director Coffee Shop at the Charlotte Marriott City Center, located at 100 West Trade Street, will be featuring 9 days of horror films starting on Friday, Octobeer 26th through Saturday, November 3rd... just in time for Halloween! Two movies each day, the first from 5:00-7:00 pm (family-friendly) and the second from 7:30-10:00 pm. The big finale on Saturday, November 3rd is an all-day marathon with five films to choose from, starting at 11:30 am.
Best of all... Coco's Horror Movie Marathon is FREE to attend! No trick … (14 comments)

search charlotte homes for sale: 4 Reasons To Fall For A Home In Charlotte This Fall {Infographic} - 09/30/18 12:28 AM
4 Reasons To "Fall" For A Home This Fall
Fall is a great time to buy a home. There's no need to wait until spring to buy your dream home.Wondering why? Here are just some of the reaons to buy in the fall and not wait till spring:
Less competition from other buyers in the market coupled with more highly morivated sellers might just garner you a better "deal" on the price of a home. With fall being one of the best seasons to buy major home appliances and electonics, it's great time to match that purchase season with a home purchase. Agents are often … (26 comments)

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