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I hate to say that I am biased about any aspect of our business, but I am. I despise Bank Of America. In my opinion, they are the walking, talking shinning example of corporate greed and disgust. So why am I talking about the Bank of North America today? When I receive an offer I always heavily s...
A few days ago I authored a blog about how to piss off a listing agent. Tonight we'll discuss how to manage the craft of pissing off a typical buyers agent. In no particular order: 1. Incorrect Directions. Buyer's agents love it when a listing agent says LEFT or RIGHT without using NORTH or SOUTH...
I have been a customer of Market Leader since 2006. I was one of the first customers to sign up for the now popular Growth Leader product. I have spoken to hundreds of potential customers on behalf of Growth Leader. My personal growth leader website is I also own another li...
Buyer Perception "If I want to see a home I'll call the name on the real estate sign and ask for a quick showing. I don't need a buyers agent because I can negotiate for myself and get a better deal." "I won't bother my agent because I'm only in the infancy stage, instead I'll go through the name...
If you're like me, you be one busy person. I decided to stop eating fast food a couple of years ago. During extreme conditions I have been guilty of enjoying those cookies on the breakfast table when I show houses..... I mean, that's why they're there, right? Same with bottled water. If it's sitt...
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