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Me, my son and my wife visited Pappadeaux's, an awesome restaurant not far from our house. Today I shared my 3.5 lobster with my son Preston. Before And After:  
Congratulations! You just got licensed! i'm so excited for you! I wanted to personally give you this gift. I know you don't like purple, but this bag is very durable and you'll soon learn to appreciate quality over quantity in this business.    Betty Bookmark opens her purple bag and finds the fo...
If you're like me, you're competitive, busy and @ times overwhelmed w/life. And as perfect as we try to be, we're not. Sometimes we walk around with our fly down and sometimes we accidentally trip while walking in a public place. "It" happens. So there's this local competitor that I love to hate ...
Chris Rock has a great skit where he pokes fun at parents who brag about feeding their children and buying them clothes. These two examples are basic requirements by parents and not even remotely an example of going above and beyond the call of duty. It's my job and expectation as a dad to provid...
  Today the showing service gave me the following showing instructions to show a property: "Be sure to get to the home early to light candles BEFORE showing." Dog is not friendly and is lose in the backyard, remove all shoes, leave a business card, turn off all lights, lock all doors and be SURE ...
Today a prospect called the office stating that she wanted to set up a showing to see one of my listings. I tried to ask the following questions: 1. Are you currently working with a REALTOR?2. Are you pre-approved or paying cash?3. Do you currently own a home that you have to sell in order to buy...
Typically a tenant will find a house they like and submit a 4 page application to the Listing Agent and/or Property Manager.This application is pretty simple by design and as you would imagine it asks a lot of questons and has many blanks that need to be filled out. Unfortunately I'm getting slop...
I'm pretty comfortable with admitting that there's a percentage of the social media sphere that either doesn't like me, my style or even the site of me. Me knowing and agreeing with this means I can be more confident about energizing with those that do like me. I can network with those that will ...
Today I called Progressive Insurance, but not before spending 20 minutes on their site entering all my personal and public data to obtain both an auto & homeowners insurance policy. Our current providers rates went up, so naturally shopping around seemed like a good idea. Progressive gave me an e...
All too often properties are listed as Active, when they truly aren't. Meaning the property is showing available when in reality there's a pending contract. Besides this being a pain for potential buyers seeking homes it can be a nuisance to buyers agents who waste their precious time on a showin...

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