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Generally speaking, I really like Happy grasshopper & would recommend it to anyone for any business. But today I noticed something I am not a fan of. I have a basic plan which means I can upload and send the monthly drip emails out to 500 people. I have uploaded 139, but six have unsubscribed to ...
Imagine leasing your home out to a tenant who in your eyes "ruined" the carpet. What is ruined? At the end of the day the only people who can truly define this word is a Judge and maybe a jury. If the carpet has stains that were not present before the tenant occupied the home then the tenant shou...
I've been asked a lot of questions over the last 8 years but I've never had a seller to be pop me with the question: "How much money did you make last year?" Perhaps the seller could have asked.. "How many homes did you sell last year?" but he didn't, he asked about my income. To me this was none...
From the Houston Association of Reatlors: This past weekend, two of our REALTOR® members from large, well-known firms were held up at gunpoint in the Lakeview Forest subdivision near Briar Forest and Kirkwood in West Houston.  The buyer’s agent was helping the listing agent from another firm to r...
The biggest request I get from out of town buyers is, "Can you help me find a home in a nice neighborhood?" I usually always answer this question the same way. "Yes, depending on your expectation."   What should someone expect? The average home In my market hovers around 160k. 4-2-2, 2k sq ft. - ...
Every other day I get emails from Realtors. Sometimes these agents live in Houston and sometimes they are literally hundreds and hundreds of miles away. They're emailing me a brochure of their latest listing. And guess what, I could care less! Emailing me virtual flyers of your listings is a huge...
Recently I got an offer on one of my listings with a name that sort of looked like this: dksidheadee  siodhrewua. Who cares, right? As long as the buyer can perform and close, that's all that should matter. What if the buyer isn't a U.S. citizen and what if the buyer's agent fails to disclose thi...
The Hate Machine is whistling down the tracks. Are you going to jump on? Do you care that AR has been swallowed up by ML? I don't. I expected something like this from day one. It's better that Activerain be purchased, improved and kept alive than left for dead on the financial morphine drip. It w...

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