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Yesterday around 4:00 p.m. I received this email:   Hello Greg, I need some help for a customer of mine, they are looking to purchase in  Houston - Southwest.  I’m in Montana, so obviously I can’t be of much help there.  If you are taking on new customers I’d like to introduce you to Joy, and hop...
On the side of this home the owner recently added a "cement deck." That black thing you see is the at&t phone line, embedded right into the cement. On all sides of the home it's ideal that you have an opportunity to water the foundation either from roof run-off or from a sprinkler. Your foundati...
I've received 4 phone calls from, owned by Ebay. They keep calling about a lease listing I have that's already been leased. I got both sides of that deal and it's off the MLS. They ignore everything I say and are calling me non-stop about "marketing my other lease listings for added expo...
Right now most of you guys are aware that YouTube video's, blogging and the use of Social Media is "where it's at." For the rest of you...put down your pager and pay attention. I've been considering typing a long series of blogs that are particularly aimed at very specific subjects. Only that sou...
I can think of a lot of people whose business could be associated with Fruity Pebbles. I think those of us with attention deficit disorder tendencies would fit right in with this box. Blue! YELLOW! GREEN! ORANGE! What time is it? Who are you? Ouch, my foot hurts? Hey, look IT'S A FISH! How bout ...
It's not uncommon for a buyer to ask the seller to actually make a repair before closing instead of providing  a cash concession "in lieu of all repairs." For example, let's assume the buyer orders an inspection and subsequently asks the seller to repair 4 different items associated with the roof...
When: Saturday 3-24-2012 Where: Bayou City Event Center9400 Almeda Road Houston, TX 77054 Online: Phone: 713-320-7234 This annual event benefits Children At Risk's Center to End the Trafficking and Exploitation of Children, an action-based institute that works to generate solu...
1. Submit your offer. If the seller counters wait a full day and a half to respond. You might take a risk of another buyer moving in for the kill, but not likely. Counter back at the same price you offered originally. You are under no unwritten rule or obligation to come up or "meet in the middle...
Some of the largest real estate teams in our area are also perceived to be the most successful by some consumers and even agents. Agents drool at the thought of selling 600 homes a year and buyers and sellers sometimes assume that anyone who sells 600 homes a year must be as J.J says...     But l...
Can you imagine house hunting and being told by your real estate agent to drive by the homes you want to see before being shown the inside? How would you respond and why? Usually if someone is asked to perform a drive-by it's because the opportunity is of low importance to the agent. Maybe the bu...

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