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When you send paperwork to anyone in this business it should be done with common sense. Sending someone paperwork incorrectly can cause aggravation, delays in closing and embarrassment for the so called "professional." As a Realtor you are expected to know how to scan a document correctly.    A J...
When a file funds the seller gets paid the same way. If a buyer is putting 20% down on a conventional loan then you can be assured he or she has better than average credit. Odds are they have their financial act together. Paying cash doesn't carry as much weight as some agents and buyers would li...
Home Owners Associations in Texas can no longer prevent you from flying U.S., Texas, or a branch of the U.S. armed forces flag. This is a huge victory for property owners and the Texas Assocation of REALTORS® as they helped lobby for this long overdue change. Most importantly, Veterns won't be f...
6 months = 180 days. That's how long a typical listing agreement is between a home seller and listing brokerage.  Six months. The average home in the Houston area sells in about 4 months. Every neighborhood and part of town is different, so it all depends. So why are there 95 homes on our MLS wit...
A couple of years ago I listed a home and sold it. The sellers were interested in buying another home in the area. Against my advice they decided to wait until they "sold" their home before talking to my lender. They were convinced their high credit scores and strong income would be more than eno...
A buddy slash Realtor that I know recently bragged to me that he had over 200 people show up to his Open House. Here's what he ended up with:   1. The toilets were flushed 89 times. 11 roles of toilet paper were consumed. 2. 67 kids under the age of 9 ran through the house touching everything in ...
The word "NEW" is probably the most overstated word in real estate. I see it all the time. To me, NEW means never been used. It means it was installed VERY recently, as in the last 6 months. A roof that's a year old is not NEW. It's newER.   It's wise to advertise items as newer versus new.   I r...
Ironic, wouldn't you say? Posting on a city sign under arrows that go left and "right." Makes you wonder if the person who hung this did it on purpose.
A few days a go I received an offer on one of my listings. One of my duties is to verify the validity of a pre-approval letter prior to my seller signing off on any offer. You can imagine the agony of a bogus approval letter, especially after your home has been pulled off the market with the expe...

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