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I went out to one of my listings today and found two of my signs in the condition you see in this picture. The frame is made out of steel and s insert, not aluminum foil as it appears in this photo. Notice how it's rolled up at the end. What do you think caused my sign and frame to look like thi...
Today is Friday and I'm worth it. Life is too short to not enjoy some man time from time to time. So today I decided to go out with my buddy and enjoy some meat and a few blondes....    
Consumer: "Yes sir, my car's making a funny noise and seems to stall at red lights."     "I see" says the mechanic.  "That's gonna cost $5,289.12."   Only a fool would agree to have something fixed that hasn't been diagnosed. The same thing happens in real estate. Buyers and their agents will occ...
Thanks to a surge in Houston home sales the number of  homes on the market is at its lowest in ten years. This has resulted in some of the highest level of home prices EVER for the month of October. Single family home sales shot up 32% in comparison to 2011 17 straight months of positive home sa...
Over the last 8 years I've worked hundreds of buyers. Not one time did the house we were submitting an offer on not meet appraisal. Not once. When a Listing Agent puts a house on the market they are not only expected to advise on a practical listing price, but they are required, per the Realtor C...
Besides killing yourself, you could kill others. Text messages, facebook and instant communication demands can wait. Every time I'm at a red light I see people playing on their phones. Eat in the restaurant. Put your make-up on at home and pay attention to the road. None of us can be reminded en...
Last week I got an offer on one of my listings. Take a look at the approval letter that was emailed to me from the other agent. To protect the consumer, I colored in the social security number. You would think that a company as "big as this one" would know better. Imagine if I printed this approv...
There's a lot of things I don't understand in this world. Like what are all those black circles on the ground at gas stations. Is it bubble gum, tar, or something else? There sure are a bunch of them. And why do people put clothes on their dogs? I don't like looking like a jackass in front of my ...

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