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I don't want to get into a gun debate, but I am interested in what you think about gun respect. It may be legal for me to walk into a sellers home locked & loaded, but will it offend them? If they knew I was showing their home armed to the teeth would it upset them? Should I care? I carry a weapo...
Who does the final walk-thru when the buyer is out of town? It's fairly common for buyers to close on the home they are purchasing while out of town and in some cases, out of the country. A final walk is an opportunity for the buyer to see the home one last time before attending closing. The home...
In Texas, Realtors can hold multiple licenses. Being an agent doesn't preclude you from also being an appraiser, home inspector and loan officer although there is no way you are permitted to write a contract, do the loan and appraise the house. You can, however, write the contract and do the loan...
At some point in time a client will want to terminate his relationship with you. Nobody is perfect and sometimes things can simply get side-ways, regardless who is at fault. It happens. The most important thing about being told "I want to use another Realtor" is to remember to remain professional...
Realtor Magazine recently published an article titled A National Open Door Policy. The gist of the article suggests that real estate office throughout the country should promote an open-door policy that would allow real estate agents with other companies to use their public space for quick safety...
Last week one of my buyers had a question about a home she found on the MLS. Under the public description it read... "Beautiful home in a NO BLOW ZONE." My buyer chuckled and said.. "Where do I sign?" I had never once seen that language in the MLS before and to be perfectly honest, I was quite co...
 There's a trend in Houston, and I don't like it. More and more situations are being created to squeeze out the buyers agent. It's happening with home builders, inventory homes, existing homes and without question PRE-MLS properties. Home Builders (1st place winner!)A good portion of the home bui...
As you look for homes on our MLS you will notice a field towards the bottom of the page that looks like this... I have shown thousands of houses to buyers over the last 11 years, and I can firmly state that every single one of them had at least one defect the seller had to of known about. But, wh...
Listen to the homeowners claim at the 16 second mark. He's also a Realtor. He states "Someone will walk away with this home for $150.00." Then at the 1:11 mark he says, "We're hoping to get market value for the home, we're not just looking to lose money, or just give away a house." I'm wanting th...
Every so often I run across a situation where a homeowner/Landlord demands to meet a tenant prior to approving or declining an application. The reasoning has never been advisable, understandable or wise in my opinion.If I wanted to lease my primary residence to you I would never want to be accuse...

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