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Recently I met with a homeowner about selling his home. While touring his property and discussing matters I observed what appeared to be a fresh grave in his suburban backyard. A pretty large one. The owner looked at the grave and then looked at me and said... "I can scrape off the fresh dirt so ...
When buying or selling a home it's very easy to get advice from what seems like hundreds of  different people. Insight versus real estate advice and what you do with that information matters. Sometimes people don't feel like they are providing valuable advice unless it is somehow show-stopping, d...
Before showing a buyer a home I have to "schedule an appointment" and write down the showing instructions. I also have certain obligations as a Reatlor (per our Code of Ethics). to be honest, I do my best to be considerate and polite when entering someones home. Sometimes we Realtors get so busy ...
Several years back one of the agents on my (then) team had a high end home for lease. The property was valued at over 2 million dollars. A few days after we listed it an agent submitted an application for her client, but left all the personal information blank and just wrote "HOUSTON ASTRO."Wow, ...
Like a huge cargo ship the Realtor is covered in barnacles. Only our barnacles include a wide variety of vendors. One in particular is the lender. The average loan officer spends their marketing dollars on getting Realtors to give them their business. Some of the more successful companies and own...
When Realtors list homes one of the initial steps is having the seller sign a listing agreement. This contract varies from state to state, but the fundamentals are very similar. When you agree to let a Realtor market your home you are agreeing to let the agent and his brokerage "do the marketing....
Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a few fellow agents. One of them was discussing how he ensured his sellers did not see the buyer's agents contact information when the home was shown. CSS, Centralized Showing Service, allows the Listing Agent to customize what the seller can see w...
08/13/2015 is a great website that keeps neighbors in communication with each other. The message boards allow the member to communicate about neighborhood events, warn each other about crime and to more importantly, “sell stuff.” These types of websites have been around for awhile, but Nextdoo...
I just read an intersting post in one of the real estate groups I am part of on Facebook. Married Realtors who are also a "team" got better financial perks with their broker versus other "teams" with non-married team leaders. Better splits and less fees.I don't get it.My first thought is that Joh...
Depersonalizing a home for sale is a common strategy that most home sellers have either read about or seen promoted on HGTV. There are certain aspects of depersonalizing that matter & others that simply do not. To me, depersonalizing a home means to quite simply, create and offer an appeal to the...

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