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Beautiful building lots with panaramic views located in Kenton County Kentucky. Exact addresses are 15987 through 15991 Demossville Road Prices range from $29,000.  to $31,000. and average 1.5 acres in size. Deed restrictions, no mobile homes or doublewides.
Summer has arrived. This usually means that the low electric bills experienced during the spring months start to rise. Fans and air conditioners are now kicking into high gear to keep your home cool. The tips below will help keep you cool while saving money:1. Ceiling fans should turn in the coun...
The latest housing numbers released are reminders that long term recoveries don't simply move in one direction. The Commerce Department recently announced that new home sales plunged by 33% in May of 2010. That in turn had an adverse effect on the US stock market which set off negative prediction...
As a real estate professional I've experienced some consumers that have no idea what it's like to do my job. In truth utilizing a real estate agent is something most will do at least seven times in their life. Real estate is a pillar of the global economy as our current challenges prove and yet f...
Home buyers need to be aware that it is a bad idea to increase or open new lines of credit shortly before they close on their new home. They should avoid all types of credit activity during the period of time between loan application and closing. New Fannie Mae guidelines, which began June 1, 201...
Older, more established neighborhoods often have beauty that is a site to behold. Large trees keep homes and streets shaded from the hot summer sun. The architecture may be historical, eclectic and seasoned with character. Homes may feature many modern styles with amenities while retaining the or...
Now that were are on the bust side of the last real estate boom, the housing market is entering into a completely new environment. REO's (Bank Owned Properties) and distressed properties litter the market. Stricter loan underwriting rules apply. Cash is king and appreciation isn't guaranteed. But...
Does your family have another child on the way? Possibly you have an elderly parent with health concerns that needs to move in with you. Maybe you have inherited some money and wish to have a larger home and yard. There is an endless supply of reasons why a family may need to move up to a bigger ...
Google is the world's most visited web site.  And they own the world's second most visited web site -- YouTube. We all talk about how we want our listings and our business to rank at the top of every Google search.  So why not use an easy way to help you attain that goal? Make and publish YouTube...
Conventional fixed rate mortgages touched a new low last Friday. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate available to qualified consumers dropped to 4.375%, down from 4.5%. The 15-year fixed rate also declined, from 4% down to 3.875%. It's worth noting mortgage rates have never been this low. The decline...

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