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The past few years has left some people wondering, why buy a home? Why when you hear the horror stories of markets crashing, home values underwater and home owners facing foreclosure, would you want to buy a home? When you buy a home there are tax advantages. Effectively, homeownership provides a...
Your house is on the market, and you've got a real estate agent in place that you can trust. Potential buyers show up, but no offers. Now what? To help aid in the selling of your home, I will outline some tips that I personally believe will benefit in the marketability and potential selling of yo...
Common mistakes to avoid when purchasing a home: 1. Limiting your search to open houses, ads or the internet. 2. Choosing a Real Estate agent who is not committed to forming a business relationship with you. 3. Not following through on due diligence.  4. Not considering long term needs. 5. Not kn...
Just a few years ago you could count on getting the bulk of your money back for almost any home improvement. Today that isn't true. According to a study from Remodeling magazine, the average return on value for an upgrade declined from 87% in 2005 to 64% in 2009. But these six new rules will help...
The title of this blog may be a bit confusing. After all is it possible to slow down but actually go faster? Consider the following. Our business now travels at the speed of the Internet. You're connected, I'm connected and we're all moving at warp speed! Yet do you ever want to put on the brakes...
Pending home sales nationwide increased for the second straight month but they remain lower than a year ago, according to NAR's Pending Home Sale Index. Pending sales rose 4.3 percent based on contracts signed in August, but they were 20.1 percent below the index posted in August 2009. The latest...
Is that a question you've ever asked yourself? Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs do well in today's economy while others fail? There is a huge discrepancy right now between people who are failing and people who are succeeding.In my opinion here's the secret to what separates those who...
Buyers pay a premium for a home that is in top-notch, move-in condition, so once you decided to sell, make sure the home is ready to be sold.First, you have to figure out what needs to be done to your home. A thorough property inspection up front will help to identify problem areas. Having the pr...
Some homeowners have decided to remodel their exisiting home verses purchasing another due to the national pullback in home values over the last several years.Despite a slow market and a slight decrease in the resale value of most remodeling projects, the smartest home improvement investments may...
Making a mistake in selling a home can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Avoiding these mistakes is easy and takes little time and effort on your part. Take the time with your home sale and follow the following guidelines. Distress Selling: At times, selling quickly is unavoidable. ...

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