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Social media value. What's the ROI of social media? Who really knows. What's the ROI of your mother?There's a lot of things you can't put numbers on, especially in the early stages. Yet we are in the people business and individuals are now talking on the web in a way we've never seen before.   As...
This Friday, April 1st is an important day for the Mortgage Industry.  As a Realtor it was important for me to understand what the implications of the new Mortgage Regulations that go into effect this Friday mean in an attempt to better serve my clients. If you are in the real estate business, ju...
Consumers are often confused about credit scores. Many do not know who makes credit scores available, what is a good score or the financial cost of a poor one. On a recent credit score quiz administered to over 1,000 consumers only 60 percent answered questions correctly. In most test situations ...
Even though the real estate market has slowed down in recent years, there are still plenty of home buyers eager to make a purchase. Knowing how to prepare your home for sale, when to allow access and how you can offer buyer incentives will help you find the right buyer even in a challenging marke...
Some believe that to maximize their profit on a home sale they should sell it themselves. At first, they feel selling a home is simple and why should they pay a broker fees for something they could do themselves? In fact, close to 23% of all the homes sold last year were sold for sale by owner (F...
This year may be the end of the housing crash, according to The Wall Street Journal. Seems that housing is again affordable and the bad news isn't so terrible anymore. The current mantra is homes are a good deal. Mood's Analytic's, where income and housing prices are studied, claim houses are mor...
Is it a good time to buy a home or invest in a property? Consider the following, with so many distressed properties on the market, The Housing Affordability Index has jumped to a 20 year high. This National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) study for the fourth quarter of 2010 reveals that 74 p...

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