grammer or content: Is grammer important? Please reply! - 01/21/08 05:06 PM
Ok, I know no one likes to see alot (a lot) and random run ons.  However, I thought no one would really care about typo's etc.  But I should not jump to conclusions.  Does the community think one should proof read before posting? Sometimes my laptop jumps around in my text and adds letters where they do not belong.  Sometimes I get going too fast and put a space too oearly or tool ate.  Do you care?  if you do I will clean it up.  Let me know. … (8 comments)

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In general my blog will consist of predictions. Everyone can talk about what they new was going to happen, but it is much harder to post what will happen. So, I will attempt to do so on a regular basis, and use it as a score card as to how accurate I am.



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