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nancy manby realtor: 5 things you need to know about moving to Norwalk CT - 02/10/21 08:38 AM
Norwalk, is a coastal town in lower Fairfield County Connecticut.  With almost 90,000 residents, this small historical New England city offers many great features.  If you are thinking of moving to the area, these are 5 things you should know:
1.  Long Island Sound Shoreline:  Multiple town and community beaches, including Calf Pasture Beach, Shady Beach and Bailey Beach (free for residents) along with marinas for boating and a picturesque harbor.  Enjoy seasonal harbor cruises around the small neighboring island or visit the historic lighthouse on Sheffield Island.
2.  Multicultural Dining:  Reknowned and famous chefs and bakers have made Norwalk home for their … (0 comments)

nancy manby realtor: Strategize Your Downsize--10 Steps to Prepare - 01/25/21 01:33 PM
Strategize Your Downsize
10 Steps to Prepare
Step 1.  Be Committed.  Recognize that the decision to downsize will also give you moments of doubt.  Stay focused on what the rewards and benefits will be in the end.
Step 2.  Begin the Purge.  Downsizing means many items will not be brought along on the next adventure.  Begin making decisions on what to keep, donate or discard so it doesn’t become stressful during the move. Empty nesters are often storing old children’s items including, sports equipment.  Consider donating to help others in your community.
Step 3.  Decide Your “Must Have” Criteria in Your Next Home.  Decide what … (2 comments)

nancy manby realtor: The Best Off-leash Dog Park in Norwalk CT - 01/18/21 02:00 PM
Located directly across Shady Beach highlights one of East Norwalk's best kept secrets: Taylor Farm,  an off-leash dog park offering 4.5 acres of wide open play areas.  The park is separated by a modest wooded section with many paths and hiking trails connecting both sides. There are two main entrances into the park--the south area that is directly across from the beach and the north entrance by Marvin Elementary School.  Although not completely fenced-in, Taylor Farm feels safe and secure for both pets and their owners. In addition to the open space and wooded area, there is a small aerated briny … (2 comments)

nancy manby realtor: The Upside to Downsizing--10 reasons why it makes sense - 01/11/21 11:45 AM
The Upside to Downsizing
10 reasons why it makes sense
Cheaper to maintain.  A new friend I met at the gym described it best.  “I work to write checks to pay for house services.”  Granted, if you scale down in size not all of those services will likely go away.  However, each cost should be cut proportionately: half the yard, half the square footage to clean, half the electricity, half the gas/oil…… Reduction in property taxes.  As we know, taxes never go away.  But if you only need half the space you currently have, why pay the town on a yearly basis … (2 comments)

nancy manby realtor: Downsizing and Transitioning Seniors - 02/07/18 03:55 PM
Many dream downsizing our home as a well earned reward--I got to the finish line and now I can let it all go and enjoy my golden years!  Occasionally however, downsizing is met with tremendous reluctance and sadness.  This often happens to the families that face the needed transitioning of mom and/or dad to a more manageable living situations, whether it's a smaller one-level house/condo, a senior housing complex or assisted living facility. 
I have watched families struggle with making that difficult decision to sell the "family home."  Recognizing when "it's time" often comes clouded with doubt.  Recognizing these changes can help make the necessary decisions:
Is your loved one living in … (7 comments)

nancy manby realtor: What's with the house next door?? - 10/25/16 01:45 AM
You pull your car up to the lovely house that you are about to show a buyer.  On paper it's perfect.  It meets all the necessary criteria--number of bedrooms, number of baths, school district, etc.  Then you and your clients scan the neighborhood only to be aghast at the dilapidated house next door (or across the street, or down the road).  That neighbor's house is pitiful.  Sometimes it's more than just neglect or deferred maintenance.  Sometimes it's a junkyard of contents or an abandoned boarded up bank-owned property.  Regardless of what the situation is, it is likely going to kill any potential sale.  Bad … (37 comments)

nancy manby realtor: Time to Downsize? Pre-Plan to Avoid Panic! - 10/17/16 06:14 AM
Just the thought of moving can send even the most prepared nomad into a full panic attack.  Most of the stress stems from the "fear of the unknown"--especially if their last move was 25+ years ago!  For "Downsizers," include the issue of moving from a large home to a significantly smaller home and this unknown evil lurks behind questions such as:
Will my next home fit the furniture I have? How much time will I have to find another home? When and how will I get rid of my extra stuff?
Having worked with many Empty Nesters and Downsizers in my real estate career, my best … (3 comments)

nancy manby realtor: When is the best time to sell? - 09/22/16 04:27 AM
Any realtor that has been in the business for more than 5 minutes has been asked that question.  I think it is the most frequently asked real estate question after "how's the market?"
  Frankly, I hate answers that are convoluted.  However, in this case there is no right or wrong answer.  If you think about the answer from a seasonal point-of-view, most realtors will tell you that the Spring market generally produces the most buying activity.  (Even though, the transactions may not occur until the Summer).  This is often generated by families looking to keep their children uninterrupted by a move until the school year … (8 comments)

nancy manby realtor: Your pet cat is really a skunk - 07/27/16 05:27 AM
Many years ago when I was working is Sales Promotion Marketing, I had a boss that would often say in a staff meeting:  "It is difficult to tell the client that their pet cat is really a skunk."  Of course what he meant was that telling the client any kind of negative feedback about their brand was not going to be easy--but it may have to be done.  After all that is what we were hired to do.
Fast forward twenty years later and I find myself in a new industry but still working with clients.  However, now the brand I am hired to market … (71 comments)

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