new mexico: Green Idea: Rainwater Catchment Systems! - 06/27/09 07:20 AM
I've always recognized that rainwater catchment systems are a great green idea, paraticularly in our arid New Mexico climate, but I always thought of them as being useful just for the recycling effect, and for supplementing a "normal" water source such as a well or city water. Then my husband took a new listing on a great mountain property whose owner has a highly efficent rainwater catchment system that provides for all the household water needs!
I did a little more checking around, and found that an efficient rainwater catchment system really can do more than give you a little extra water for your … (0 comments)

new mexico: Bad News For Neighborhood Association - 06/27/09 06:56 AM
Folks in the San Clemente neighborhood of Los Lunas, New Mexico, have been fighting back against a decision by the Valencia County Commission to rezone 30 acres of land to I-3, "Hevay Industrial Use" to accomodate a bulk fuel terminal (see my blog post for mor details.)
The neighborhood association has just lost a major battle in that fight, though; District Court Judge George P. Eichwad has just upheld the county commission's decision, much to the dismay of local residents.
Plains Marketing, the business that requested the zone change, estimates that approximately 185 tanker trucks will be visiting the terminal … (2 comments)

new mexico: Get Your Ticket to Space Now! - 06/27/09 05:56 AM
Move over, Luke Skywalker and the Enterprise crew!
This is no joke! "Spaceport America," just outside Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, just broke ground last week, and tickets are already available to book your personal flight into space!
All you Trekkies, would-be Jedi, and Hitchhikers of the Galaxy, you actually can buy tickets for your first trip into space right now--- in fact, according to a recent article in the Albuquerque Journal, three hundred people have already bought their spaceflight tickets!
Virgin Galactic is selling tickets for their upcoming public spaceflights--- for a mere $200,000 apiece!
Virgin Galactic President Will Whitehorn claims … (1 comments)

new mexico: C'mon downtown for Summerfest in Albuquerque! - 06/19/09 12:37 PM
You can't claim there's "nothing to do" on a Saturday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico--- not with our terrific Albuquerque Summerfest happening in Civic Plaza each Saturday evening from 6:00 to 10:30!
Albuquerque Summerfest is an outdoor festival featuring live music, dance, and other family entertainment. There's plenty for both kids and adults, with lots of food, a beer garden, an arts and crafts market, and lots of children's entertainment like face painting, rock-climbing, juggling demonstrations, magic shows, and much more.
Check out the Virtual Tour of Summerfest:
You can get there in a "green" fashion, too-- just take "Rapid After Dark," … (0 comments)

new mexico: New Mexico's Mine That Bird loses out to another "Bird" - 06/08/09 01:38 AM
New Mexico thoroughbred Mine That Bird had a Cinderella victory in the Kentucky Derby, and jockey Calvin Borel thought he'd have another win in Saturday's Belmont Stakes, but it was the turn of another "Bird" to shine, instead. Summer Bird, another offspring of Birdstone, swept past his front-runner half-brother to win the final leg of horse racing's Triple Crown.
While it was a disappointment for the New Mexico owners and trainers of Mine That Bird, their horse did at least finish in the money, coming in third behind Dunkirk.

new mexico: Waterfowl in my desert NM backyard! - 06/03/09 07:18 AM
Probably sounds ridiculous to those not really familiar with the Albuquerque, NM area, but our New Mexico desert is actually home to loads of water birds!
 More particularly, my backyard right here in Bosque Farms, New Mexico, hosts loads of waterfowl on a regular basis!
The key, of course, is water, and we've definitely got that here along the Rio Grande Valley.
We regularly ditch-irrigate our pastures, grow a huge organic garden, and play host to some gorgeous, and even threatened, species of waterfowl!
The other day, after irrigating our pastures, I noticed some long-legged water birds that I had … (2 comments)

new mexico: Chautauqua at Old Town, Albuquerque! - 06/03/09 06:23 AM
Last weekend, Old Town, Albuquerque offered a program called Chautauqua on the Plaza, sponsored by the New Mexico Humanties Council.
These events were billed as a "Celebrations of New Mexico History and Cultures on the Old Town Plaza" in honor of our upcoming Centennial as a state.
I spent part of last Sunday checking this out, and found it a great experience for natives and tourists alike. Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico is always a great place to visit, with loads of shops featuring great Native American jewelry, pottery, basketry, and other arts and crafts, plus wonderful New Mexican restaurants and … (2 comments)

new mexico: Make some time tracks---at the Natural History Museum! - 05/13/09 10:41 AM
Got an urge to time travel? Head over the the New Mexico Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque, New Mexico!
Located right near Albuquerque Old Town, the Natural History Museum offers a wide range of permanent exhibits to attract the young and the young at heart!
Here's a sampling of some of the things you can see every day, up close and personal:
Jurassic Super Giants: It's Mortal Combat and then some when Saurophagnax takes on Seismosaurus!  
Age of Volcanoes-- watch out though; here you can experience what it's like right inside the volcano!  
T Rex attack-- shades … (0 comments)

new mexico: New Mexico loans down payment money 'til your $8000 gift from Uncle Sam arrives! - 05/11/09 07:14 AM
Are you a first-time homebuyer? Or someone who has not owned a home in 3 years?
If so, you should be aware of a couple of BIG handouts the government is offering:
1) Uncle Sam wants to GIVE YOU, free and clear, up to $8000 to buy a home!
2) The State of New Mexico will loan you the necessary down payment money, up to $6500, to make the purchase, while you wait for that check to arrive from the federal government!
Sounds too good to be true, but it really is!
As part of their effort to boost the economy, … (4 comments)

new mexico: Make it "Yours" That Bird, and dream your dreams! - 05/08/09 06:30 AM
The Kentucky Derby this year was an incredible, fairy tale event. Most everyone now probably knows that the jewel of horse racing's Triple Crown was won by a New Mexico non-entity, a 50-to-1 longshot called Mine That Bird, an unknown, and a gelding, of all things, who'd originally cost his owners a paltry (by racing standards) $9500! With no other wins under his belt, this upstart horse was a laughing-stock at the begining of the race.
And the story gets better:
Chip Woolley, the winner's trainer, is a former bareback bronc rodeo cowboy, was on crutches from a motorcycle accident when … (3 comments)

new mexico: Need a job? Check Albuquerque! - 05/08/09 05:50 AM
Albuquerque, New Mexico has been hit much more lightly than most areas in the recent economic downturn. The Albuquerque real estate market, while significantly slower than it has been in the past, has seen only a very slight drop in average prices, and some areas around Albuquerque have even had slight increase in price. Part of the reason is probably that both our unemployment rate and our foreclosure rate remain much lower than in most areas.
In fact, Albuquerque is a pretty good place to find a job these days.
Hewlett Packard has been hiring for its new Rio Rancho … (0 comments)

new mexico: Residents are fighting back against Valencia County Commission - 04/18/09 07:56 AM
A couple of decisions recently made by the Valencia County Commission have local New Mexico residents hopping mad, and several local associations are fighting back against these elected officials who seem to be bent on going against the will of their constituents on local issues.
The Los Chavez Community Association and 41 neighborhood residents have filed a notice of appeal in district court regarding the 3/2 decision made by the County Council in January to re-zone 40 acres near the corner of John and Edmundo Roads from Agricultural Preservation (5 acre minimum) to allow a proposed subdivision of lands owned by John Whisenant and … (0 comments)

new mexico: Got Gophers? Get Red Balloons! - 03/27/09 05:35 AM

new mexico: Prices on the rebound in Albuquerque! - 03/24/09 08:01 AM
Looks like real estate prices are on the rebound here in the Albuquerque area!
Albuquerque real estate statistics for sales of single-family detached homes sold through the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors indicate that the mean price actually increased in February, 2009 over the previous month by nearly 6%! Yaa-hoo! Naybe we've turned the corner, and the worst of the real estate slump is over...

For the greater Albuquerque area, the median sales price for detached, single-family homes in February, 2009 was $183,900, compared to $174,250 for January, 2009, an increase of nearly 6%. Looking at the chart at right, one … (2 comments)

new mexico: Values Going Up In Some Albuquerque areas! - 02/21/09 06:27 AM

new mexico: A little town of Bethlehem--- with nerve! - 12/11/08 12:28 PM
We've got our own "Little Town of Bethlehem" right here in New Mexico. It's actually called "Belen," which is Spanish for "Bethlehem." And this year, the Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce is promoting an idea that is quaint, charming, and also (in our current era of political correctness) definitely gutsy and maybe risky. Here's the idea:
This Christmas season, the Chamber will host its first ever "Nativity Scene Contest." The idea grew from the town's name (Belen=Bethlehem), and is designed to "help make this city a tourist destination," according to a quotation from Deputy Chamber Director Cindy Clark that the Valencia County … (6 comments)

new mexico: Holiday Horse Property Extravaganza in NM! - 12/09/08 04:56 AM
A group of some 30 New Mexico real estate brokers has banded together to stage a "Holiday Horse Property Extravaganza" of Open Houses throughout the greater Albuquerque area on Saturday, December 13th and Sunday, December 14th.
All locales within the Greater Albuquerque area will be represented, from Corrales and Albuquerque's North and South Valley, through Valencia County communities as far south as Belen, to East Mountain communities as far out as Moriarty and Estancia.
All properties have existing horse facilities, and range from an acre up to the 40-acre range. Prices range from under $200,000 to several million dollars.
The two-day … (1 comments)

new mexico: International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque - 10/02/08 12:39 PM
Well, it's balloon fiesta time again in New Mexico!
Yes, the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta wafts into Albuquerque this weekend, as it does every October. Visitors and residents are treated to morning mass ascensions of hundreds of colorful balloons, including many "special shapes," while evenings bring "balloon glows,"  fireworks, and even a "Special Shapes Glow-deo!" There are flying competitions, and even special events for gas balloons.
October 3-12 are the days set aside this year for the Balloon Fiesta. Each morning, hundreds of balloonists assemble at the 78-acre balloon fiesta park in the pre-dawn hours, and soon are filling ALbuquerque's azure … (2 comments)

new mexico: A Perfect Blend of Old and New: Los Lunas, NM! - 09/20/08 11:44 AM

new mexico: Get on out to the New Mexico State Fair! - 09/12/08 08:57 AM
If you're in the state of NM at the moment, and haven't checked out the New Mexico State Fair yet, get on out there!
The Fair will just be running one more week, so stop procrastinating, get a move on, and enjoy!
There's an endless list of things to see and do, far more than I could possibly cover, but I'll list just a few of the events, shows, and general opportunites for fun, as there are bound to be a few of these that grab you!
The Midway--- full of fantastic rides, fun houses, and opportunities to win prizes The … (2 comments)

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