evanston illinois: Illinois The Land Of Lincoln And So Much More - 10/02/13 12:26 AM
Living in Chicago Land my whole life has been great. What makes Illinois so fine is that there is so much to offer. A little fact for you is that we are the fifth most populous state in the USA, after California, New York, Texas, and Florida. We have lots of culture in the big city of Chicago.
One of the great things to do in Chicago is the different tours one can take to see a lot and take it in without having to drive yourself. I personally love the Chicago Architectural Cruise. There is too much to mention without writing … (17 comments)

evanston illinois: Evanston Illinois, Best Small City - 09/25/13 10:42 PM
The Movoto Blog which calls itself the "Lighter Side Of Real Estate" says that Evanston IL is in the top ten of best dressed cities. They have an article that mentions this and that Evanston is number 8. They rated the cities by High end fashion shoe and jewelry stores per capita as well as tailors and dry cleaners per capita too. If you are interested in this article click the link above.
Also this was mentioned in the Evanston Now magazine. The number one spot went to Santa Monica, California and ten went to Miami Beach, Florida. This is great news for … (14 comments)

evanston illinois: Summer Is Over? I Don't Think So - 09/18/13 04:04 PM
I started reading some blogs about how it is getting cool out and that the fall is here. No not happening in my scene. I had a busy day and was running around and snapped a few shots with my phone that we will be talking about here to show you that this idea is completely wrong. I was in a good mood and stepped out of the car multiple time during the day to show this and prove to you that the summer is not gone.
Well yes the football season is starting but look how nice it looks outside. The Northwestern IL … (42 comments)

evanston illinois: Evanston Illinois Goes On TV for Filming Of New Show Called Betrayal - 09/09/13 11:30 PM
Yesterday in Evanston IL I saw film crews all over and wondered what was going on. Finally I asked a man standing around drinking coffee and was told that a new TV show called Betrayal is being filmed all around Evanston. I saw many trailers at the Beach, downtown and along Sheridan Rd which in very near the lake front.
I read that Betrayal is a show about an attorney and a photographer who have an affair and end up on the opposite sides of a murder and trial which you can read more about in the ABC web site link … (10 comments)

evanston illinois: American Craft Exposition Evanston, Illinois Northwestern University - 08/25/13 06:07 AM
It is Sunday and time for some fun. Yesterday I went to the Art Fair at Northwestern University Campus in Evanston IL. I had so much fun walking around and looking at the art work. I thought I would share a little with you. In tribute to the artists, if you are interested in anything you see shoot me an email and I will put you in touch with the artist and or their web site. They are awesome and should get the business if you are inclined to like what you see.
What a fantastic ceramic American flag

I … (16 comments)

evanston illinois: Good buyer story - 01/28/13 10:04 PM
Lets start the day with a good story.
I had a buyer who called me up and was moving from Boston. The couple looked at listings I sent them from the MLS for 6 months and I was beginning to wonder if it was for real. The wife did all the commenting but they did view online. You never know.
Then one day she called me up and said "we are ready to move to Evanston Il and are coming in 2 weeks can you give me the weekend to tour?' I was glad to help and she sent me a … (9 comments)

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