northwestern university: Never Settle - 10/06/16 03:15 AM
Yesterday was a truly stunning day. It was about 75 degrees and and just gorgeous out. I decided to interrupt the day and take a long walk. I was not disappointed. The walk led me through the Evanston IL lakefront and the Northwestern Campus. 
I saw many people who had the same idea as me. I am so glad this opportunity was taken because today it is raining and on the low 60's. You cannot miss out on these chances to enjoy life and take it all in.
The walk was about 6 miles and lasted about 90 minutes. I am hoping that this was not the last day that … (43 comments)

northwestern university: Evanston IL Lake Front at Northwestern University - 07/29/16 12:55 AM
The campus of Northwestern University and the Evanston IL lakefront back up to each other and during the summer it is paradise. So nice to walk and there is always lots of activities going on. They have a sailing section and you can rent and take a lesson on any type of boating you could ever want. It is as good as it gets.
Last Sunday we took a four mile walk all through the campus of Northwestern, the Evanston lakefront and checked out the beaches. Not only did we get some exercise, our faces got color. What a nice day even … (22 comments)

northwestern university: Northwestern University Evanston IL In Top 25 Most Beautiful Campuses - 09/19/15 12:38 AM
Northwestern University Evanston IL has been rated in the top 25 Most Beautiful Campuses by thrillist. They say, "Just the view of the Evanston campus at sunset could have you anchored to this campus for hours… or four years. Architectural beauty, spanning collegiate Gothic to modern steel and glass, fills the university’s 240 acres on Lake Michigan. On the way to see the impressive stained-glass windows of the Alice Millar Chapel, stop by The Rock (no, not Dwayne) and see one of the university’s most artistic traditions, where student groups paint their message on the boulder as advertisement -- after staking it out … (10 comments)

northwestern university: Northwestern University In Top 20 By Forbes - 08/30/15 12:37 AM
Northwestern University in Evanston IL has been ranked in the top 20 by Forbes. NU came in at number 16. A great honor to Evanston IL and the country. If you want to read the article click on 17 Best Illinois Colleges, As Ranked By Forbes.
Forbes says:
"Forbes publishes an annual list of top colleges in the country, and the site recently published its list for 2015. The methodology behind the report includes the analysis of five main factors with the weight of each factor listed:"
Student Satisfaction (25 percent) Post-Graduate Success (32.5 percent) Student Debt (25 percent) Four-year Graduation Rate (7.5 percent) Academic Success … (20 comments)

northwestern university: Northwestern's Beinen School Of Music Evanston IL - 03/31/15 11:40 PM
Northwestern University just finished it's spectacular school of music right on the Lake Michigan Lake Front. The Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music is located at 711 Elgin Rd Evanston IL 60208. The areas of study are divided into Music study which includes Composition and Music Technology, Music Education, Music Theory and Cognition, Musicology and in Music Performance offered is Brass, conducting, Jazz Studies, Percussion, Piano, Piano Pedagogy, Strings, Voice & Opera and Woodwinds.

Officially the music school will open for the Fall quarter and is named The Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music, named to honor retiring University president Henry Bienen and his wife, Leigh Buchanan Bienen.
I quote … (25 comments)

northwestern university: Winter Prairie Grass at Evanston IL - 03/07/15 12:21 AM
A couple of days ago when the sun really shining and I had my camera with me I decided to take a few photos of the Evanston IL Prairie Grass at the Northwestern University campus really just for fun. I enjoy photography and always are trying to find different subjects.
Northwestern University has a dune leading up to their private beach that has beautiful prairie grass
 If I turn aroud 180 degrees here is what I see, the campus of NU


northwestern university: Northwestern University Evanston IL Wildcats Homecoming - 10/17/14 02:11 PM
Northwestern University Evanston IL Wildcats Homecoming
One thing I can say about Evanston IL and Northwestern University and the Wildcats is that there is a huge support and the whole town goes all out during Homecoming. Today was the start of NU Homecoming and we had a wonderful parade, Sheridan Rd was closed down. I watched the marching band and they were really getting into the spirit. Unfortunately it started raining but that was not enough to stop the Northwestern Wildcats marching band from preforming and participating in the parade.
The Northwestern Wildcats face the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Ryan Field Saturday 10-18-2014 and rain or … (13 comments)

northwestern university: Evanston IL Is Called Heavenston For A Reason - 10/12/14 07:15 AM
Evanston IL Is Called Heavenston For A Reason
This afternoon I decided to take a stroll over to the Northwestern Campus and the beach south of it for a little exercise, camera in hand. It is really nice, about 50 degrees, slightly overcast but the water was rocking. I took a bunch of photos which will share a bit later but I got a sort of funny video. The people I saw were not going to give up on taking a Sail boat out no matter what. Below the photo is a video please laugh with me and watch what happens when you … (19 comments)

northwestern university: President Obama To Visit and Speak at NU in Evanston IL - 09/30/14 01:24 PM
President Obama To Visit and Speak at Northwestern University in Evanston IL
First of all let me say that this is a news story and an honor for Evanston IL and Northwestern University. No political opinion is necessary, that is not on my mind. I am excited to have the President of The United States of America in my town on Thursday October 2nd 2014. This will be the first visit to Northwestern University by a sitting president in 60 years.
I quote the Evanston Round Table and Alan K. Cubbage, Northwestern University.
"President Barack Obama will visit Northwestern University on Thursday, Oct. 2, to deliver a message … (21 comments)

northwestern university: Evanston IL Welcomes New Northwestern Class - 09/19/14 11:43 PM
Evanston IL Welcomes New Northwestern Class
Evanston's Northwestern just started its undergrad program this week and we just want to give you a warm welcome. The purple tradition is back in action in Evanston and we were are your welcome wagon. If you want more information you can always go to the Northwestern site and find out almost any information you want.
There have been many activities going on already and on Thursday Sherman Avenue was shut down for a welcome Northwestern block party open to the public. The spirit was great and the fountain at fountain Square was dyed Purple.. We hope you enjoy your experience and if you need any help with housing please feel free to contact … (17 comments)

northwestern university: Evanston IL Real Estate Single Family Historical Data - 04/15/14 11:01 PM
Evanston IL Real Estate Single Family Historical Data is an important issue to use to analyze the current market and what the future may bring. 2013 saw record sales of homes at 470 sold which was the largest number since 2005 when 517 houses were sold that year.

We are now seeing more of a seller's market. Property is selling at close to asking price or even above in many cases. Buyers have to act fast if they want to get the house or condo they like and there is a need for more property to come to market. It … (16 comments)

northwestern university: Northwestern University and City of Evanston IL Plan Workforce Program - 03/02/14 08:54 PM
The city of Evanston IL and Northwestern University have planned to partner on a program that will give residents in need of work a chance to gain employment in the Workforce program. This program was announced February 27 at Northwestern's Norris Student Center by Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Northwestern President Morton Schapiro. 
This wonderful program will offer employment and apprenticeship programs to residents interested in construction jobs on campus. The NU facilities Management has made a pledge of $1,000,000 per year with local Evanston businesses.
This program will give some jobs to skilled workers on some of the construction projects … (16 comments)

northwestern university: Evanston IL Soars Economically in 2013 - 02/25/14 10:17 PM
Evanston Illinois had a fantastic year all the way around in 2013. Evanston is zip codes 60201, 60202, and 60203. 2014 is really looking up as many new restaurants, stores and condo developments have been planned or are in progress. 
The City of Evanston reported that 72 businesses opened in 2013 and that added a total of 210 full time jobs and 246 part time jobs. Great news for locals. These new businesses included 22 retail, 13 restaurants and 7 work out or fitness related establishments. We got one new gas station, a brewery, multiple food and grocery stores and one photography … (13 comments)

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