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Okay, the home across the street went up for sale yesterday. That may not be much of a surprise to you. Yesterday the Realtor put a yard sign in his yard (on a holiday) which also might not surprise you, but this might! This morning, the brown lawn he has had for a year had been spray painted (I'...
I must quote two sources because I thougt it important for local real estate professionals to know that "Southwest 1031 Exchange" is in Recievership with 83 Million dollars missing from its accounts. I listed two quotes below an their respective links for further information that I thought should...
Signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln, the Act, which became law on Jan. 1, 1863, allowed anyone to file for a quarter-section of free land (160 acres). The land was yours at the end of five years if you had built a house on it, dug a well, broken (plowed) 10 acres, fenced a specified amou...
If a Real Estate Agents client (seller) is in foreclosure and the property is owned by military personnel and the mortgage payments are not made, then this relief act may stop foreclosure based on certain criteria. The person has to be on active duty in order to qualify. The mortgage loan had to ...
All real property sales transactions in Clark County, Nevada are subject to the new transfer tax. It is $5.10 per $1000.00 of the price of the property (effective in October 2002) by the Clark County Recorder. This amounts to about ½ of a percent of the sales price. * However, a new spouse (marri...
An escrow is an arrangement on which a neutral third party (a title company and its employees). Escrow holds legal documentation and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller. The escrow officer works closely with you, your realtor and lender to assure that the sale conditions are complied within the...
An escrow officer (escrow agent in some states), is one who has, through experience and education, gained a certain degree of expertise in escrow matters. An escrow officer is licensed by that State's Division of Insurance to execute escrow's on any property within any city and county of state in...
The answer will almost always be no. Most escrow officers will not risk the liability that "just writing up and record a deed" out side of an escrow will cause. The escrow officer is liable for any mistakes, liens that they (or you) don't know about.  Even if you expect to pay for the EO, for the...
The Escrow Officer and/or the Title Company are considered a "neutral third party". Independent of buyer and seller and respective agents as well as the Lender. Simply put, as an example; if you ask the question "Is this a good deal or am I getting taken to the cleaners by someone?", the title co...
Public Records and Identity Theft How To Protect Yourself - Your Identity and Your Privacy!   As you know bankruptcy filings, marriage certificates, birth and death certificates, divorce, property quitclaim deeds, grant deeds, Homesteads, Declaration of Value are all Public Records. They are oft...

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