agents life: The Evolution of a Real Estate Agent Turned Broker/Owner - 06/15/15 01:08 AM

I had to smile when I read a blog post written in February 2007.  My youngest son had recently returned from Iraq after two tours of duty.  He worked as my assistant as he adjusted to civilian life. I changed my work environment to accommodate our change in office space requirements.  Little did I know the real estate market was about to crash and recovery would not occur for several years.
As the market declined to depths not seen since the Great Depression, I was resolute in my determination to survive and even thrive.  If my son could survive the challenges of … (6 comments)

agents life: Just Because We Can Does Not Mean We Must - 06/29/14 06:08 AM

I read several articles dealing with the increase in number of posts (for points) we can now submit. I agree 20 is a high number, and undoubtedly more than I will be able to post on a weekly basis.  However, there have been productive real estate weeks when I posted over the limit without regard to whether points would be awarded or not.
As far as I know, Google does not set a weekly limit on the amount of SEO juice it pours for posts.  Isn't that really the most important point of all?
If you're here for the points, … (8 comments)

agents life: These are a Few of My Favorite Clients and Why - 12/14/11 03:43 AM

I have a long list of clients I feel blessed to have in my database.  I also had a few I remember for all the wrong reasons but this space is not for them.  These lines are dedicated to some of my most unforgettable clients.  
My first listing:  It was complicated, but I was so green I didn't realize it.  It involved a trust with uncooperative members, an out of town seller and a buyer in the USA on a student visa.  There were title issues, financing issues, IRS issues and the list goes on.  I also represented the buyer.
 The seller interviewed … (2 comments)

agents life: Mysterious Disappearances and Magical Closings - 05/07/10 10:51 AM
Don't you just hate it when a hot buyer cools off or worse yet simply disappears?  I've lost a few in "Houdini fashion."  One day they're calling multiple times and the next week they are not returning emails or phone messages.  Poof!  They vanished overnight.
The out-of-towners were looking for a romantic little beach abode.  A cool mil was what they wanted to spend.  They looked at a few but the pre-approval letter never arrived and they soon fell off my contact radar.  I fear their "California Dreamin" was a few years out from reality.  Sticker shock is still prevalent in the City of … (15 comments)

agents life: Do You Take the Paper Trail or the Electronic Trail? - 11/20/09 03:26 AM
When I moved to my own office space nearly three years ago one of my goals was to have an environmentally friendly space.  I have a few plants, a full wall of floor to ceiling glass for lots of natural light and I only run the air  or heat on an "as needed" basis.  We can do that in Southern California.  It is wasteful folly to wear a sweater in the summertime because the office is too cool, or wear a sleeveless dress in the winter to avoid excessive heat.
It is the paper I cannot give up.  Yes, it's … (9 comments)

agents life: Moving Things Forward a Little Each Day - Norma Toering - 05/02/09 05:52 AM
I read a post this morning about many fabulous accomplishments last week, and as I perused the comments ( there were a lot of them) I felt a tiny pang of agent envy.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy to hear good news in this market, and I believe all good news is capable of elevating the housing mood.  As I stopped reading and began musing back over my week, I discovered all I really did was move many things forward. There was a whole lot of moving, but not too much shaking.

Some of my real estate tasks took a giant … (8 comments)

agents life: 10 Ways to Fill the Air Pockets and Empty Spaces in a Real Estate Agent's Day - 04/23/09 11:47 AM
When my days are overflowing and I'm not quite certain how I will fit in one more appointment or make a needed call to a client or friend, I remember the jar full of marbles story.  There's always a few air pockets and empty spaces between the solid marbles.  So I fill those five and ten minute spaces by:
1)  Reading and commenting on blogs.
2)  Writing a handwitten note to a client.
3)  Step outside and enjoy a few moments of sunshine and fresh air.
4)  A few shoulder shrugs and neck rolls at my desk is a great refresher.
5)  … (19 comments)

agents life: For the Love of Loan Docs - 04/14/09 01:21 PM
Yesterday tension and stress were running high.  The closing was past due, the loan documents were still in limbo and principals and agents were all assuming a wide stance and standing firm.  Words of notice to perform, cancellation and penalty fines swirled about in numerous conversation.
Then the email arrived from Wells Fargo stating loan documents were on the way.  The poker faces and puffed out chests gave way to smiles, gratitude and more than a few thank yous were offered to the members of the crew.
Today the loan funded and recordation will take place tomorrow. Another crisis survived, another escrow saved, it is just … (4 comments)

agents life: How To Be the Agent Everyone Wants and Needs - Norma Toering and Team REMAX Palos Verdes Realty - 04/10/09 04:46 AM
Lay a strong foundation.  It is difficult to stand strong if your foundation is weak. Set a high standard and live up to it, even in the difficult moments.  Temptations abound.  Shortcuts beckon. A base of honesty, loyalty, integrity and compassion will support and serve you well.  Make a list of the characteristics you would like your best friend to possess.  Be that friend to yourself and others.  Be that agent to your clients. When tough times come, and come they will, your core values may be all you have to see you through a life storm.
Choose with care.  … (5 comments)

agents life: They Walked into My Open House and Wrote an Offer - Norma Toering REMAX Palos Verdes - 04/06/09 04:46 AM
This one is for all you agents and consumers who have lost hope in open houses.  Oh, ye of little faith.  The chances of selling the house you're holding open may be no bigger than a mustard seed, but given the chance, an open house can still be a powerful marketing tool. 
I pulled a double hitter this weekend at my new listing on Phantom Drive in Rancho Palos Verdes.  It was a glorious weekend in Southern California.  The entrance to the Ladera Linda neighborhood is directly across from Donald Trump's golf course and clubhouse.  Hiking trails lace the bluffs above the ocean and picnic … (22 comments)

agents life: If Clients Gave Report Cards - 03/30/09 12:50 PM
My seven year old grandson recently received an award for being A Model 2nd Grader.  He was not quite sure what it meant.  His mother explained his efforts, attitude, preparation and performance were exceptional, and his teacher hoped other students would model their behavior after his.  He felt pretty good after hearing that.  He's pretty good at his job.
As agents and independent contractors we do not receive annual reviews (at least I never have), and we do not receive written report cards.  As a former teacher, I found myself thinking perhaps it would be a good idea to design a quick … (5 comments)

agents life: Spilling the Secret of How Real Estate Really Works - Norma Toering REMAX Palos Verdes - 03/28/09 04:15 AM
Yesterday a co-worker called me to vent.  It seems she showed an out-of-town couple thirty houses in three days, took them to meet with a lender and facilitated return visits to the top choice homes.  She arranged for a builder friend to meet with them and discuss possible remodeling projects, and in general did everything possible to help them make the most of their short visit from another state.  On their way out of town they called her to say they leased a house in their friend's neighborhood, and used the listing agent to write up the lease (and take the commission), not … (10 comments)

agents life: As the Sun Rises on Another Day in Real Estate - 03/23/09 03:04 AM
There are a few glimmers of sunshine breaking through the clouds hovering over the housing market.  On the national front the interest rates are crazy low and prices are more affordable.  However, my focus is local and this is what I have to report from a weekend in the field, or perhaps I should say a weekend on the coast:
A developer contacted me regarding my $7.7M raw land listing on the Colorado River.  Yes that's right, a developer, and a good sign the sleeping giant of construction is rousing from months of hibernation and looking for potential projects. 
I had 35 groups (over … (5 comments)

agents life: Active Rain and Weight Gain - 03/16/09 12:40 PM
I decided not to go for a walk after work today.  Instead, I'm blogging and checking in on other social medias--a moment or two on Facebook,  a tweet here and there, before you know it an hour passes by.  Balance can be a precarious thing.
I consider my time on Active Rain as marketing and lead generation time.  I must admit it quickly became in integral part of my day.  Today as I typed ads for corporate newspaper advertising I found myself wanting to add photos and upload the ad myself.  Instead, it is sent to the receptionist who will send it … (14 comments)

agents life: Priortizing A Plan For An Out-of-Control-Day--Hello Monday! : Norma Toering REMAX Palos Verdes - 03/02/09 03:09 AM
When I opened my eyes this morning I already had a list of "I have to do this and that" running through my mind.  Not that I'm complaining about being busy, I'm not, but prioritizing the list can be a little daunting.
Number 1:  There's a counter offer to respond to--an easy number one on the list.
Number 2:  There's research and an offer to write on a foreclosure--if it is still available.
Number 3:  A client wants to see a property today.  Another client said he is sending me a list of 10 to 12 homes he wants to … (7 comments)

agents life: Excuse me, Your Brand is Showing - Norma Toering RE/MAX Palos Verdes - 02/26/09 03:49 AM
True story: Last weekend a well-dressed prospective customer strolled into my open house, smiled at me, took the flyer I offered, and said, "Oh nice flyer! You're someone I could work with."
This Choosy Customer went on to say she immediately ruled out an agent who gave her a 'sloppy flyer' because, "If I'm going to spend three million dollars I have the right to be picky." And she does.

Prospective clients have keen senses when sniffing out an agent to represent them, and they use them:
The eyes take it all in: As a real estate agent I want … (13 comments)

agents life: The Dirty Side of Real Estate - 02/25/09 03:02 AM
There is a down and dirty side to a career in real estate, and I am not talking about the schemers and less than ethical people we encounter as we go about the daily business of listing and selling real estate. How dirty are you willing to get to close a deal?
Yes, I dress for success, but I'm not afraid to dirty up my look to satisfy a client's questions and concerns. Early in my career a veteran agent taught me a lesson I never forgot. She was the listing agent of a home I wrote an offer on. … (13 comments)

agents life: A Tale of Two Short Sales - 02/18/09 02:41 AM
Everyone wants a deal, or better yet a steal, when it comes to buying real estate in a s l o w market. It is human nature and my clients are human (at least most of them).

Today, I will show one client two short sales. One has languished for months on the market and smells like the owners either left their cat behind, or an agent locked a feral cat and several feline friends in the house for a week or so.
Before entering, I take a deep breath at the front door, enter, race to the sliders … (35 comments)

agents life: Sorry, Buyers -- Congress Said No, But Never Fear, Your Realtor is Here to Help - 02/11/09 04:02 PM
I must confess, not one of the buyers I am currently working with ever mentioned their home purchase was hinged to the passage of the $15,000 home-buyer credit. Yes, it would help, but it was not a deal breaker. There are other more daunting hurdles facing them.

The deal breakers and deal delayers are 20% down payment requirements, housing prices that are still out of reach for many buyers in my market of Southern California and an economy that is freaking out even the most optimistic wannabe home buyers. It is no wonder even those who can afford to purchase … (10 comments)

agents life: Check Out My New Transportation - 01/19/09 10:49 AM

It was a magnificent journey, but I'm happy to be home and back to work.
It is good to step outside our comfort zone and experience life in another country and culture. I thoroughly enjoyed Egypt.  If you are the adventuresome type I highly recommend it.
I'm jet-lagged, but invigorated and ready to embark on my 2009 real estate adventure! 
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