palos verdes homes: Homes From Our Past - 08/15/14 12:49 AM

The homes of our past play a leading role in the memories and mementos we have from a particular time in our past.  This photo, taken May 1984, is from my days in Maryland.  The home style, Williamsburg Colonial, is location appropriate.  When we were ready to move on, the house sold in less than a week and we were off to Florida, but that's another post.
Those are two of my three sons and at that stage of my life it was great to have a spacious house on a 2-acre lot with tennis court.  Would I want that now? … (8 comments)

palos verdes homes: "Reduce Your Commission by 50%" - 08/09/14 04:37 AM

The elephant I rode in Africa was quite happy to work for peanuts.  Upon our return to camp I fed Jake several ample handfuls.  Years ago I decided not to follow the elephant's lead.  
I dropped what I was doing on that long ago Sunday morning, showered, dressed for success, then rushed to my office to set an appointment for a second look at a property.  I was still relatively new in the real estate profession, but even a novice knows if someone get a callback (I was a model and commercial actress in another lifetime) it's a strong … (28 comments)

palos verdes homes: Silent Sunday--Peace and Calm Along the Coast - 07/27/14 12:42 AM

There are few things I find more peaceful and calming than the rhythmic rolling in and out of the waves at one of favorite Palos Verdes beach spots.   The ocean is the place I go when I want to refresh and rejuvenate myself.  I've found the solution to many real estate problems while walking on this very beach.
If you want to get your calm on, the coastal areas of Palos Verdes offer a variety of opportunities to walk along the water's edge.  It's one of the big perks of life on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

palos verdes homes: Giving Away Time - 07/19/14 08:57 AM

Palos Verdes Charity Event
Time.  Do any of us have enough of it?  In a world that seems to spin a little faster with each new technological advance we often feel we are "on call" around the clock. With work and family demands to meet, it is surprising so many find time to donate their time and abilities to help members of the community.
I admire people who give away time for the benefit of others.  Over the years I've volunteered at my children's schools, timed swim meets, played soccer team mom, served on a cooperative nursery school … (10 comments)

palos verdes homes: Faye Is Tired of Watching Me Work on the 4th of July - 07/04/14 02:50 AM

Happy 4th of July!
Faye is tired of watching me work this morning and is ready to have some family fun at the gathering planned for later this afternoon.  I've blogged about horse property in Rolling Hills Estates, answered a few urgent emails and Faye is completely out of patience. Some things must be celebrated when the moment arrives!
Enjoy time with friends and family today whether you're at the beach on this beautiful day or in the backyard have a safe and enjoyable time.

palos verdes homes: Former Corporate Gypsy Grows Roots - 06/22/14 02:06 AM

25 years ago this month I embarked upon yet another life adventure with no idea where it would take me. I remember sitting in the Tampa airport with four children ages 4 to 14 and thinking how easy they seemed to be making yet another transition from the familiar into the unfamiliar.   It wasn't their first move, but at that moment I decided I would make it their last childhood move.  It was time to put our corporate gypsy lifestyle behind us.
Although there was a defining moment for the decision, it incubated for years as we moved half … (12 comments)

palos verdes homes: Crowdsourcing--Pinterest Loves Penguins - 06/15/14 12:04 AM

I don't consider myself a genius when it comes to crowd-sourcing.  I'm much more the type who likes to do my own thing, in my own way and at my own pace.  You won't find me tweeting every hour on the hour, posting short videos on Instagram between business emails or documenting my every move (both business and personal) on Facebook.  I marvel at those who dedicate their day (life?) to leaving a constant trail of their actions and thoughts, but I'm too private for that.
At least I thought I was until I found Pinterest.  If you want … (40 comments)

palos verdes homes: Walking in Palos Verdes - 04/13/14 06:12 AM

Palos Verdes never scores high on the "Walk Score" test.  However, if someone devised a "Walk Score" for sheer natural beauty Palos Verdes would score off the chart!
This is one of the many photo opps I encountered on my walk along the ocean bluffs at Trump National this past week.  It's not a place I usually stop to snap a photo but the flowers, trail and waves were layered in sweet succession, and although my cardio workout may have suffered from the stop I'm sure it was offset by the therapy soaked up by the soul.
You have no … (0 comments)

palos verdes homes: Rat Beach in Palos Verdes Estates--a Favorite with Parents and Kids - 04/13/14 05:47 AM

I decided to do a little research this morning by reviewing some of my most popular blog posts over the past seven years.  It was a good way to determine what topics have a timeless appeal to readers.  
Not surprisingly, an early post about a treasured local beach is still racking up the clicks and views. With another season of warm weather fast approaching, Rat Beach in Palos Verdes Estates will soon be the scene of surfing lessons, picnics, boggie boarding and beach umbrellas in the sand.
Here's a snippet from my 2008 post, and I've included a few … (2 comments)

palos verdes homes: A Walk at the Beach--Palos Verdes Lifestyle - 03/15/14 06:34 AM

Yes, I know it's still winter in many areas, but it's a sunshine-filled day in Rancho Palos Verdes.   The birds woke me up with their chirping and the bees are buzzing around my blossoming fruit trees. Spring is definitely in the air.
It's no surprise I often walk along the beach near Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes.  I snapped this photo as a reminder of how fortunate I am to work in such a beautiful area.
If you would like your morning or evening walk to include the above scenery, consider this an invitation to explore the … (10 comments)

palos verdes homes: Is Your Agent Playing Word Games With You? - 12/21/13 02:27 AM

I received a call from a past client requesting me to list one of her properties.  Only problem was, it was already listed with someone from her social circle.  It seems the process was not going well and my former client decided she wanted to return to a known entity. 
Unfortunately, changing agents is not as simple as a phone call when contracts are involved.  While still on the phone, I checked the MLS and the listing was still showing as "Active" even though the seller assured me the listing was "Canceled" at her request. I explained I could not … (12 comments)

palos verdes homes: How to Find the Right House for You in Palos Verdes - 12/16/13 07:30 AM

People move to Palos Verdes for many different reasons. Many come for the award-winning Palos Verdes Unified School District; others come for the spectacular ocean and city light views. Equestrians are delighted to find a wide variety of horse properties available. The natural beauty of hills and ocean vistas send a tantalizing invitation to prospective homeowners to call this gorgeous peninsula home.
Currently the least expensive single-family home for sale on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is listed for $649,000 in the Eastview area of Rancho Palos Verdes. There are currently only 14 single family homes priced under $1,000,000 in … (2 comments)

palos verdes homes: The Palos Verdes Lifestyle--Open Space - 11/02/13 05:25 AM

I remember the first time I visited the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  After viewing inland homes, city homes and valley homes it was my last resort neighborhood in Los Angeles. I felt like Goldilocks in the asphalt jungle. Neighborhoods were either too congested, too smoggy or too far to commute. After viewing homes from Malibu to Newport Beach, a real estate agent suggested I try Palos Verdes.  That woman had matchmaking talent.
Yes, I love the coastal location and the stunning views (I showcase them often on this blog) but honestly, after living here for nearly 25 years the … (0 comments)

palos verdes homes: Peninsula Center Home Sales Report – June 2013 – RHE and PVP - 07/25/13 04:53 AM

Peninsula Center neighborhood real estate and home sales report for Rolling Hills Estates & Rancho Palos Verdes, CA in June 2013. Homes for sale in the "Pen Center" area of Palos Verdes:

Homes in escrow in the Peninsula Center neighborhood:

Homes that sold in the last 12 months in the Peninsula Center neighborhood:


palos verdes homes: How to Find the Right Palos Verdes House for You - 06/29/13 01:51 AM
How to Find the Right House for You in Palos Verdes
People move to Palos Verdes for many different reasons.  Many come for the award winning Palos Verdes Unified School District; others come for the spectacular ocean and city light views.  Equestrians are delighted to find a wide variety of horse properties available.  The natural beauty of hills and ocean vistas send a tantalizing invitation to prospective homeowners to call this gorgeous peninsula home.
Currently the least expensive single-family home for sale on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is listed for $599,900.  The property is a … (6 comments)

palos verdes homes: Repeater's Perk Program - 05/23/13 05:03 AM

I'm Tipping My Customer Service to Favor Repeat Clients
I reviewed my 2013 business plan this morning.  I noted what's progressing as planned, what needs to be tweaked and what still needs to be started.  Yes, there's a niche I've wanted to devote more time to for some time, but have repeatedly postponed.  Procrastination and excuses be gone--today is the day.
My repeaters are finally going to receive the focus they have earned and deserve.  We are closing two transactions this week and both are with repeat clients.  I hope to write an offer later today with a repeat client.  … (9 comments)

palos verdes homes: I Was Paid for My 1,000,000 Points - 05/21/13 02:17 AM

This is not my first million.  I've sold millions of dollars worth of real estate.  I earned my first million in real estates commissions years ago, but today marks the first time in my life I've earned 1,000,000 points.  These points cannot be traded for air travel, nor will Macy's or Nordstrom's accept them in trade for a new wardrobe.  So what is their value? 
These points helped me develop a strong blogging habit.  From my very first post I totally bought into the "write and reward" system.  There were times when I was discouraged and questioned whether this … (158 comments)

palos verdes homes: Hiking in Palos Verdes - Trump National / Ocean Trails in Rancho PV - 01/09/13 06:38 AM
Hiking in Palos Verdes - Trump National / Ocean Trails in Rancho Palos Verdes
by Norma Toering
Broker Associate with REMAX Estate Properties
(310) 493-8333
 I went for a lovely hike at Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes this morning.  Afterwards, I went to the spa at Terranea and had my hair cut--nice morning.   I have no complaints about the Palos Verdes lifestyle!
I take that back, I do have a complaint.  We simply do not have enough homes on the market.  I'm sending a Palos Verdes market update to past clients and even I was astounded to … (2 comments)

palos verdes homes: Shifting or Holding Steady in 2013? - 12/26/12 12:24 AM

I shared a magical Christmas with my family beginning Christmas Eve and spilling over into late Christmas Day.  It was lovely, but this morning when I opened my eyes on this day after Christmas, my thoughts turned from sugarplums to business plums just waiting to be picked and added to my New Year's list for 2013.
My 2013 business shifts will be somewhat subtle.  There's a minor rumbling underfoot but certainly no San Andreas upheaval in the works.  After a quick review of what worked and what did not in 2012 my compass is set for 2013. The … (23 comments)

palos verdes homes: What If You Can't Find Your Dream House? - 11/13/12 11:35 PM

Most prospective buyers have preconceived ideas about what features they want in their next home. Maybe it's a gorgeous pool in the backyard or a gated entrance to their little piece of paradise. A new home is often the fulfillment of a dream held close to the heart. It may be a reward for hard-earned success and it is definitely a place to nest and retreat from the demands of daily life. No wonder so many buyers want all their dream feathers ( or features) in place before they purchase their move-up residence.
Sometimes reality and dreams collide. The … (2 comments)

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