real estate: The Good, the Bad and the Somewhere in Between in Life - 07/19/14 04:57 AM

These people (and books) of influences in my life are in no particular order of importance, but are in the order they appeared in my mind as I pondered the guidance I've had along the way to get where I am today.  Much like the photo I took of Victoria Falls, once the water is over the falls you can't put it back, but you can certainly learn from the experience.  See that rainbow above the falls, it was nearly overpowered by the grandeur and roar of the falls, but it was there.  People can add rainbows to our life … (7 comments)

real estate: What Would You Buy? by Norma Toering - 04/16/09 10:10 AM
Clients frequently ask me, "What would you buy, Norma?"  so here goes:
$100,000 Budget: A rental single family house within a two-hour drive.
$250,000 Budget:  A second home in the mountains or desert--prices are down and deals abound.
$500,000 Budget:  A four-plex with positive cash flow in an up and coming area.
$1,000,000 Budget: A fixer single family home with a killer view.
If I won the lottery:  Forget the fixer, I'd go for unforgettable view and one-of-a-kind architecture.
If you would like to check out the choices available to you contact Norma Toering & Team and we can discuss the best choice for your … (6 comments)

real estate: Pollyanna in Palos Verdes Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses - 12/29/08 11:00 AM
I refuse to start 2009 with the negativity that dominated 2008. 
 For some time I've pondered what I can do to drive the housing market toward recovery.  Yes, that's a large undertaking, but by focusing on the positive events of my real estate day, day by day, I'm going to contribute to the turnaround.  The media moguls and movers and shakers in DC can thank me later.(smile)
It's a little past 4:30 PM and I'm calling it a day--a good one. Here's the wrap up on my rose-colored day:
The little condo listing that no ones shows had a showing today!  Excuse me while I do a … (3 comments)

real estate: Be Careful Your Brand Doesn't Burn You - 03/28/08 12:33 PM

I met a woman at an open house a few weeks ago and her comment gave me reason to evaluate the marketing of me!
 She said she didn't know I listed condos or she would have called me to list hers.  She went on to add she thought I only sold in an upscale area and would not have the time to sell her little starter condo.  This conversation took place at a charming little bungalow in a trendy but not upscale area.
Oops.  I had to wonder--is my brand burning me?  Am I limiting my appeal by advertising my expertise in equestrian estates and … (22 comments)

real estate: The Days are Long, the Years are Short - 03/13/08 02:50 AM
As we near the end of the first quarter of another year, I find it remarkable that April is almost upon us. Although I must admit there have been a few very long real estate days during the past few months, the weeks and months are flying by.
 I often have to write a note to myself to slow down and enjoy the moment.  Life is more than work, but we spend a large part of our life working.  Little moments of pleasure and joy incorporated into our workday can enhance the quality of our lives.  Here are few little pleasures I've … (9 comments)

real estate: The Psychology and Impact of Front Page Headlines - 01/24/08 10:10 AM
The front page of today's Wall Street Journal featured the following headlines:
Largest Bold Text:  Bill Gates Issues Call for Kinder Capitalism (positive)
Large Bold Text:  Stocks Reverse Early Losses, Close Up 2.5%  (positive)
Large Bold Text:  Developing Economies Face Reckoning as U.S. Stumbles (U.S. still the powerhouse)
Top of the Page Teasers:  Is It Too Late To Resuscitate the Economy? (wait and see)
                                      Not Buying It: Downturn Hits Upscale Retail  (negative)
                                      Housing Bust Makes a Move to More Places  (negative)
At the bottom of page one under TODAY'S AGENDA a small article appeared with the following headline:  For Existing-Home Sales, A Slight Fall is Good News.  … (8 comments)

real estate: Pay It Forward - 11/15/07 02:12 PM
Sales have slowed and listings are lingering on the market longer.  What's an agent to do?  It's a great time to give back to the communities our livelihoods depend on.  Get out there and get involved!  The holidays are a wonderful time to share time and talents.
Choose something near and dear to your heart-- donate some time and effort and I promise you will reap the rewards.  You'll be with people, and that's always good in a relationship business.  Your focus will be redirected from the slow market (a temporary condition) to the joy you are capable of delivering … (9 comments)

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