seller tips: What Should I Know and Do Before I Sell My House? - 04/16/12 05:51 AM

South Bay sellers, when your thoughts turn to selling a property in Palos Verdes or the Beach Cities there are a few critical statistics and market conditions you must consider:
1) What is happening in your hyper-local area? Yes, real estate is local, very local, right down to your neighborhood and street. You need to know what is currently listed and what properties have sold in the past six months. Sales older than six months may be important in pricing your property, but an appraiser will not give much weight to a ‘seasoned sale’ in a rapidly changing market. They … (3 comments)

seller tips: Selling Smart in a Soft Housing Market - 10/12/11 07:23 AM
There's a buyer waiting in the wings for every property.  The catch is the property must be presented in a manner that will lure the prospective buyers out of shadows and convert them into a bonafide buyer, not a looker, not a tire kicker, but an actual offer-writing serious I-want-that-house committed consumer.  To paraphrase Bette Davis, buying a house is not for sissies, quitters or the faint of heart.
Sellers, you are faced with a monumental task when the decision to sell is made.  You have the commodity but it's up to you to make it enticing and irresistible enough for a buyer to … (4 comments)

seller tips: How to Find a Rancho Palos Verdes Listing Agent - 09/21/11 05:55 AM
There is no shortage of real estate agents in California.  It seems everyone has their license, used to have a license or is thinking about getting their license.  Agents mail to neighborhoods, advertise in local media and online in an effort to capture a slice of the real estate pie.  It's a competitive business and consumers have many choices when it comes to selling or buying a home.  How can you make certain you are making the right choice?
1)  Ask a trusted friend for a recommendation, but make sure the friend lives in your neighborhood.  Her cousin from a neighboring … (4 comments)

seller tips: To Market, To Market--Agent Pat's Two Week Plan--Keep It Fluid and Easy to Finesse--Part 4 in a Series of 10 Seller Tips - 03/31/11 02:21 AM
Agent Pat trained with Maria Tallchief, the noted ballerina, as a young girl and perhaps it was her training as a dancer that allowed her to move through the steps of selling a home with effortless ease.  Pat's marketing plan was a simple two-week plan.  She did not believe in making promises for the distant future.  Life changes, and houses sell.  
Pat's marketing plan consisted of giving me a one-sheet marketing plan every two weeks stating what she was going to do, then giving me the same sheet two weeks later stating the results of our marketing efforts.  Agent Pat believed it … (6 comments)

seller tips: Price Comes From Facts, Not Out of a Hat--More Wisdom from Agent Pat-- No. 2 in a Series of 10 - 03/20/11 12:30 PM
 Back in my pre-agent days my first five real estate agents, or The Forgotten Five as I like to call them, gave me a suggested list price without showing me a single comparable property.  Actually I don't think they called it a suggested list price--more like this is your list price. The first time I was young and did not question how the expert agent arrived at his magical number.  When it was time to sell house number two I was a bit wiser and asked to see the comps instead of simply being told about them.  I saw the numbers and statistics but not the actual houses. Still, … (4 comments)

seller tips: Cost Versus Worth: Real Estate Commissions or 10 Reasons Why a Great Agent Is Good For Your Bottom Line - 03/17/11 03:33 AM
Real estate commissions loom large in the eyes of most sellers.  I know, I sold six single family homes before I became a real estate agent.  I must admit back in my pre-agent days I questioned the value of paying an agent I rarely saw and seldom communicated with such a large portion of the profit from the sale.  Honestly, I do not even remember the name of five of my past agents.  It was not until I met Pat that I realized what a great agent is worth--not what she costs, but the amount of value she brings to the … (18 comments)

seller tips: Seller Tip--Photograph Your Home Before You List - 03/07/11 12:08 PM
If you want a preview of what buyers will see when they view your home, photograph your home before you list it.  View the photos with the eyes of a buyer and be a little bit ruthless. Would new bedding make the bedrooms pop?  Perhaps those heavy drapes need to be removed so the prospective buyers get a sense of light and the ability to see the inviting patio, pool or view in the distance.  As a homeowner you can overlook the scuffed paint and the hardwood floors that long ago lost the sheen and luster of a fresh coat of polyurethane, but as … (8 comments)

seller tips: Seller Tip: Property Tax Base Transfer Requirements--Maybe You Can Take It With You - 01/10/11 08:16 AM
A frequently asked question by Los Angeles County senior homeowners is, "What are the eligibility requirements for moving my property tax base when I move to my new house?"
California's Proposition 60/90 allows for a one time only tax base transfer for homeowners that meet the following eligibility requirements:
1)  Homeowner (or spouse, or co-owner) must be 55 or older.
2)  Replacement residence must be equal to, or less than, the value of residence being sold.
3)  Replacement residence must be located in the same county as residence being sold, or must be located in one of the counties which participates … (0 comments)

seller tips: When is the Best Time to List My Property? - 01/04/11 11:11 AM
Prospective sellers often ask when is the best time to list my property.  My Southern California response is different than many other areas of the country.  Personal reasons override climate when choosing the right time to sell.
It does not snow in my local market area, so icy roads and slushy streets are not weather conditions my clients need to factor into their listing date decision.  We do have a rainy season, if we're lucky, from November to March.  Summer heat waves are usually restricted to a few days of hot, dry and smoggy Santa Ana winds.  We have June gloom … (7 comments)

seller tips: Home Seller Tips: Inside Your Listing Agent's Head - Palos Verdes--Norma Toering - 09/10/10 04:32 AM
Come closer.  I'm going to give away a secret or two; I'm going to tell you what goes on inside a listing agent's head when she, or he, receives the call to list your house.  After the initial conversation of setting time and date, most agents trust what you told them, but behind the scene verification process gets underway:
1)  Check the tax assessor's record and verify the seller is the owner and has authority to sell. If you don't own it, you can't sell it.

2)  Check with title company for outstanding trust deeds and liens--if the property is … (8 comments)

seller tips: Do Falling Leaves Equal Falling Prices? - 08/11/10 05:00 AM
Back to School ads are in full bloom.  Fall cannot be far behind.  I've also noticed an increase in those little red downward pointing arrows next to listings on the MLS daily hot-sheet.  Those arrows indicate a price reduction. The deciduous trees are holding fast to their leaves as August reaches mid-month, but sellers appear to be offering late summer sale prices on more than a few homes in Palos Verdes and the Greater South Bay Area.  Perhaps they are attempting to nudge a few late summer buyers into action.
Often, a minuscule price reduction creates a major reaction.  I recently reduced … (7 comments)

seller tips: To Market, To Market, To Sell Your House - 08/02/10 03:58 AM
Your property is ready for the FOR SALE sign and the parade of real estate agents with prospective buyers in tow.  You're confident in the selected price after analyzing reams of comparable sales and touring the current neighborhood competition.  No question the price is spot on.
The house never looked better.  The painters, window washers and stagers have worked their magic and you walk through your home with utter amazement wondering if you really want to move, and if you can tolerate strangers roaming through your private abode at all hours of the day. 
 If you haven't already done so, it is time to … (2 comments)

seller tips: Seller Tip: How To Know When and How Much To Reduce Your Price - 07/18/10 03:00 AM
I requested a price reduction on a listing last week.  The seller wants to know how much she should reduce the price to still be enough to generate an offer but not take unnecessary cash from her pile on the closing table.  She also wants to know how I know it is time for a price reduction.  Fair questions and very typical ones for every seller contemplating a price reduction.
My first response was to remind her she chose to list it at the highest dollar of the suggested listing price range I provided based upon recent sales in her neighborhood.  True, … (5 comments)

seller tips: Seller Tip: Mirror, Mirror and Windows Too - 04/10/10 01:32 AM
When you are dressing your property up to sell do not overlook the importance of sparkling clean windows and glistening mirrors throughout your house.  Light is a powerful selling tool.  Use it to your advantage by exposing the source in your home--windows, doors and skylights.
If windows are covered by heavy drapes consider removing them or at least open them to let the light illuminate the living space.  Now is the time to engage the services of a professional window washer.  A few years ago I sold a home in Rolling Hills and as a housewarming gift I had the house professionally … (8 comments)

seller tips: Seller Tip: Scent Matters - 04/03/10 04:26 AM
I spent part of last week showing property in Rancho Mirage, CA.  It was part work and part fun as my client is also a long term friend.  We looked at property, lunched, looked at more property, stopped for happy hour then went back to the condo we were staying at and eliminated prospective properties.  The second day followed the same routine.  We soon narrowed a list of thirty-two homes down to a short list of three.
My client is single, so all the fixer candidates were tossed aside without a second glance.  She is simplifying her life, not taking on a major remodeling project. … (83 comments)

seller tips: To Stage or Not to Stage: How to Sell Your Home and Retain Your Sanity Part 3 - 03/22/10 03:16 AM
Not every home needs to be staged; some homes absolutely need it. Other homes are somewhere in between.  So how do you determine what level of staging will benefit your property (and pocket) most?
If you are selling a fixer below market value prospective buyers will not expect it to be designer perfect and fully staged.  They will expect it to be clutter free and clean--de-staged!  On the other hand, if your property is a luxury home, buyer's expectations will be high and a beautifully staged house is the perfect way to meet or exceed high expectations.
If your property falls somewhere … (5 comments)

seller tips: How to Sell Your Home and Retain Your Sanity: Part 2 Presentation - 03/19/10 02:16 AM
There is no denying presentation sells.  Think showrooms and window displays.  Think movie trailers and chic restaurants; both whet your appetite with tantalizing displays that leave you wanting more.  The art of presentation is using an unsalesmanlike approach to selling.

The front door will likely not be the first introduction to your property. Once your property is listed the world of buyers will see your home online. Control what a prospective buyer sees is rule number one.  I'm not suggesting you hide material facts, those must be disclosed, but it is certainly acceptable to accent the positive and direct attention … (0 comments)

seller tips: How to Sell Your Palos Verdes Home and Retain Your Sanity: Part 1 Preparation - 03/17/10 04:25 AM
Spring is here, and a homeowner's thoughts often turn to the overwhelming task of selling their house.  The idea of sorting, tossing, fixing and losing one's privacy while total strangers parade through their castle is reason enough to delay the ordeal for many.
I have a little tidbit of good news for sellers:  With proper preparation, presentation and price your time on market will be substantially reduced.  Sounds appealing, right?  Let's begin with:
PREPARATION:  At a recent pre-listing consultation I advised a young couple to box up at least half of the children's toys.  Boxes stacked neatly on garage shelves suggest organization, and with … (0 comments)

seller tips: Sell First, Buy First or Park on Your Driveway and Wait? A Move-Up Buyer's Dilemma - 02/27/10 02:23 AM
The move-up buyers are dipping their toes in the spring market waters.  The familiar question of which action to take first is often the first major decision the dual client (one who is both a buyer and a seller) must make  There are pros and cons to both actions, both dependent upon the successful execution of the other.
Writing an offer contingent upon the sale of your home is a self-limiting approach.  Your offer will fall to the bottom of the multiple offer stack.  Short sale and foreclosure properties will reject your offer based on the contingency.  It also negates your negotiating … (3 comments)

seller tips: Seller Tip: The Path to a Memorable Front Door - 02/17/10 02:34 AM
I have a thing for front doors.  It is the introduction to the interior of your home and beckons buyers from the street and sidewalk.  Whether the buyer is sizing up the property from the curb or about to enter through your front door, your property is sending a message via the front door.
Most buyers pause at the front door while they either wait for someone to answer the doorbell or for their agent to open the lockbox to obtain a key.  Those 20 to 30 seconds are spent observing the entry to your property.  Not only should it be … (4 comments)

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