blogging: That Little Ping is a Wonderful Thing - 01/04/07 02:08 PM
The power of "pinging" was brought home to me in a big way tonight when this post on my Saskatoon blog appeared at the top of my Google Blog search results, just eighteen minutes after it was posted to my blog.
As a newcomer to the whole blogging scene, I've spent many hours reading various blogs.  Those with a "how to blog" component have been most interesting to me as I flounder around out here trying to get started.  I have appreciated the advice that Barry Hurd provides on Barry's Blog and I love Jim Cronin's Real Estate Tomato.  Of course, who … (6 comments)

blogging: Is Microsoft Up to Its Old Tricks? - 12/16/06 02:08 PM
I installed IE7 today and my Google Reader stopped working.  I can access the reader but it won't open any of the feeds.  The browser just freezes up.  Oh, good old Microsoft. It made me wonder if they're up to old tricks of messing up compatibility of competing products. 
Having said that, IE7 has a built in RSS Reader.  I popped a few of my subscriptions in it and I have to say it's kind of slick.  It displays posts beautifully and on several of my feeds I can also access comments and the blog tag list.  I think I prefer it … (3 comments)

blogging: No Leads in the Blogosphere? - 12/06/06 10:46 AM
Jim Cronin of the Real Estate Tomato published an interview today with Greg Swann of Bloodhound Realty.  Greg is a frequent contributor to his own BloodhoundBlog.  I have visited both of these blogs on a daily basis and and enjoy them very much.  The interview titled, "Straight from the Hound's Mouth" is certainly an interesting read.
Here's what really got me thinking.  Jim asked Greg, "If you were to recommend one blogging strategy for new real estate bloggers, what would it be?" 
Greg's response was, "Depends on the objective. If you want leads, don't weblog."  I also got the impression that Greg … (43 comments)

blogging: Are you a Blogoholic? - 11/15/06 11:45 PM
I just wanted to share two pieces that I found about blogging and the addictive nature of it. 
The first piece is featured on Sellsius, titled "You Might be a Blogoholic If..."
The second is a pretty funny video on PhilTube called "Did you Say Blogging?"  Caution: some colorful language, but bleeped.
I hope you enjoy them.

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