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"There's nothing that gives more assurance than a mask."  (Colette) from the Jack's Winning Words Blog, of course. We think about masks at Halloween, but many people wear a "mask" of sorts all the time, when they hide their true emotions behind a stoic face or, even worse, if they hide malice or...
From the Jack's Winning Words Blog come this little gem - "There's no education like adversity." (Disraeli). Well, if Disraeli were a Realtor today he'd have earned a PhD by now. From the sames source, Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, put it a different way - "Success is a lousy teacher. It ma...
I have been seeing alarmist ads of TV about the American Clean Energy & Security Act of 2009 for some time now, but it took an email from one of my past customers to get me to look into it a bit further. I certainly had no idea that it may have such a dramatic impact on housing and the ability fo...
There was a report on local news last night about the growing cases of fraud being discovered in the first-time buyer tax rebate program. The sleazy operators of the world will always find ways to game the system. What was interesting to me in the report was not the thousands and thousands who h...
"To wish to be the person you aren't is to waste the person you are."  (John Wesley) from the Jack's Winning Words Blog. How apropos as I agonize over that person that I'm not. That person is unafraid of cold calling as a prospecting activity. That person is out there socializing around town and ...
"In so many areas of life, you need to be a long-term optimist, but a short-term realist."  (Chesley Sullenberger)   Sully was the pilot who safely ditched Flt 1549 in the Hudson River.  In his new book he says that all of life is a preparation for how we react to emergency situations.  A spirit ...
I have lots of opportunities to respond to would be sellers who inquire about the state of the market and what their house might sell for on today's market. I use the phrase above a lot as an opening positioning statement. There is absolutely no doubt left in anybody's mind that the value of thei...
"Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything."  (Aesop) from the Jack's Winning Words Blog. Jack posted this the day after the Tigers had lost to the Twins for the Division title. I suppose it had better meaning for that occasion. The Tigers did have a very good season and posted ...
I just got back from a short "vacation" of sorts. We went over to Chicago to visit some old fraternity brothers and then on up into Wisconsin and across the UP and down the state to home - inadvertently doing "The Circle Tour" around Lake Michigan. I say it was a vacation of sorts because I never...
“Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you’re going to do about it.” (Kathleen Casey Theisen) from Jack’s Winning Words blog. I have a feeling that lack of acceptance (denial, if you will) of what has happened to home values, at least ...

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