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Most people who ask about a market want to know what's sold there recently. I track 6 local markets and below is a table with what has sold since the beginning of the year in one of those markets - the Milford, Michigan market, which is comprised of Milford Township and the Village of Milford. To...
Just north of Birmingham, Michigan which I reported on last, is the City of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which,with Birmingham, takes up quite a bit of Bloomfield Township. This is another of our local upscale areas, with large homes on estate sized lots. Home prices in this area have held up bett...
There is a tendency to start believing that things that one sees on-line must somehow be true. Of course, some things (like the occasional rants here on AR) are so outrageous that we automatically discount them and the person making the statements. However, we may have become like more and more t...
Birmingham is one of our more affluent local neighborhoods but even there the housing market slump has prevailed. As you can see there was an uptick in the last quarter of last year, but it soon faded and the downward trend for median sold prices picked up again. The trend in inventory in the Bir...
One of the cool things about working for Real Estate One is that they keep some really nice databases and do some great reporting off of that data. Below is a link to the report that was just released by the company on the market as we exited 2009 and headed into 2010. As you flip through it ther...
There was a story in our local newspaper this week written by a reported who is covering the winter Olympics. She has apparently really grown to like the Whistler Olympic Prk area where many of the alpine venues are and decided to pick up a local real estate book to see what might be available. W...
The Final S&P Case-Shiller report for 2009 was released on Wednesday of this week (click here to read the whole report) and it shows a national market that is perhaps cautiously probing for a bottom to the current housing mess. It certainly appears to show the positive impact of some of the Feder...
I don't track the West Bloomfield, Michigan market on a weekly basis any more. I did that for a couple of years because I used to live there and because I still go back for church there, plus I have lots of friends and prospects in that area. I've had some nice listings in the area and still soli...
Today we look at market conditions in Brighton, Michigan, the sixth of the six local townships that I track on a weekly basis in my market area. As you can see from the chart below, the Brighton market, which is comprised of the City of Brighton and Brighton Township, along with portions of Genoa...
I received the email below today and wanted to try to share the wealth a bit here. You see almost all of my money is currently tied up trying to help the ex-Treasury Minister of Botswana get his fortune out of the country and safely moved to the U.S. The rest was sent to help a friend who apparen...

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