durham nc real estate: Condemnation - 08/11/17 12:30 PM
One of my long-time clients contacted me recently expressing interest in a listing in an up-and-coming area of town, and wanted to make an offer. Unfortunately, the home currently had a "condemnation" label attached.
My clients wanted me to add a provision to the contract that they would close at the end of July, but if the "condemned" label was still on the house, they would purchase it for a lesser amount than the original contract price. Thankfully for the sellers, the closing had to be delayed until today because our preferred closing attorney could not close until August 11th. This gave … (0 comments)

durham nc real estate: Peak Fall Foliage - 11/17/16 04:31 AM
Although we are only about one month from the beginning of Winter, here in Durham, North Carolina, it appears that we are still in Peak Fall Foliage! Over the past week, I have seen vibrant colors that I do not remember seeing of the past several years.
How was the color-changing season in your neck of the woods? I hope that it was also wonderful for you.
Have a great weekend!

durham nc real estate: 4606 Regis Avenue is for sale! - 12/16/14 03:27 AM

4606 Regis Avenue in Spring Valley of Durham, NC is on the market to be sold just in time to celebrate the Christmas holiday season. Some lucky family will be the next owner of a house that has been thoroughly renovated. Upstairs, there is a beautiful kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.
The basement contains another 1800 square feet, and has great living space with a second full kitchen already in place. This will provide the upstairs denizens with a wonderful space to allow their parents, or curious teenagers, to create their own … (3 comments)

durham nc real estate: Google Fiber Coming to Durham! - 03/25/14 03:45 AM

I am just returning to my real estate job here in the US after a sojourn in France while my wife was doing research, so I have missed much of the day-to-day over the last couple months (since January 9th). While I was away, I did follow the general events of Durham, and am pleased to report the our city was chosen by Google to be one of the second-set of cities chosen during their rollout of Google Fiber.
During the first round of choosing cities for the next generation broadband internet with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second … (3 comments)

durham nc real estate: Sellers: Itemize What You Are Taking With You - 01/14/13 04:27 AM
            Believe it or not, after months of searching countless homes, finding the perfect one, negotiating price   
finally agreeing to a deal, a sale can fall apart over a disagreement about curtains.
When striking a deal to sell a home, it’s important that you are perfectly clear about what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind. The general rule is that if something is attached to the structure or the ground, it is real property and stays with the house.
If removing the item would ruin or disfigure the walls, the item … (2 comments)

durham nc real estate: Down Payment Tips - 10/17/12 04:37 AM
Down Payment Tips
Many people dream of owning a home but don't think it's possible because they lack the resources for a down payment and closing costs. Here are tips for securing that down payment.
1) Borrow from your retirement account: Many people have been investing in a 401(k) plan or traditional IRA for years and first-time homebuyers may borrow up to $10,000 for their down payment without incurring a penalty. For those self-employed or if your employer allows it, you also can borrow up to $50,000 from your current 401(k) and pay yourself back over five … (1 comments)

durham nc real estate: Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC - 07/23/12 05:01 AM
For the 23rd year in a row, the Duke University Medical Center was included in a report by U.S. News and World Report that ranks the top hospitals in the nation. This year the hospital was named the top hospital in North Carolina, and the 8th best in the entire nation.  This is another point of pride here in Durham, which rightfully dubs itself "City of Medicine."
This article ranks 16 medical specialties in the nation's 5,000 hospitals, and eight of these areas at Duke were ranked in the top-10 in the US. These include pulmonology, cardiology and heart surgery, opthalmology, … (0 comments)

durham nc real estate: Durham, NC is #1 in Creative Class job creation - 07/11/12 06:15 AM
Another accolade has been bestowed upon our metropolis, as stated in the most recent issue of The Atlantic. Check this article out to learn more about the rise of this group of entrepeneurs.
Here is a link to Wikipedia to learn more about this group of individuals. This is another indication about how this city is continuing its rise from the downturn of the 1970's and 1980's when many jobs were lost, and is reinventing intself as a Renaissance city of the East Coast!

durham nc real estate: Veasey Farm Preserve - 07/09/12 05:08 AM
Recently there has been a huge boon for clean water for both Durham and Raleigh! The Elerbee Creek Watershed Association (with partners the N.C. Clean Water Management Trust Fund and the Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative) recently purchased a 193-acre old farm to assist with the purification of the water that runs into Falls Lake, which is one of the sources to Raleigh's water supply.
Check out this article to learn more abour this great addition.

durham nc real estate: Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program in Durham, NC (update!) - 06/07/12 01:22 AM

In Durham, we finally completed the Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program earlier this year, and the City hired a great videographer, Kenny Dalsheimer, to create a video about the success of the program.
Please watch this video to learn what we have done in Durham to reduce our collective carbon footprint, and to reduce the utility bills of hundreds of houses.

durham nc real estate: Don’t Drench Your Home Sale by Ignoring Plumbing Issues - 06/06/12 06:39 AM
 A plumbing checkup should be among your top priorities when preparing your home for sale. Your buying prospects might flush toilets, turns on faucets and inspect the showerheads, while more seasoned “experts” will look under the cabinets for leaks and check for water spots around key areas. The last thing you want is to drench a buyer’s enthusiasm because you didn’t fix a simple plumbing issue.
Major plumbing renovations may be huge selling points, but many homeowners can get as much credit by simply fixing leaks and changing out a few faucets. If you can’t make repairs yourself invest in … (3 comments)

durham nc real estate: Improve Your Credit Score - 06/01/12 01:30 AM
Those about to start house hunting should check their credit score before things get too serious. There is nothing quite as frightening in the mortgage process as learning that your credit report contains a late payment or other blemishes that can prevent you from buying a property.
The higher your credit score, the better your chances are of financing a home. A credit score of at least 620 will give consumers a fighting chance to secure a home loan; 720 should qualify in most cases.
However, a lower credit score doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t finance a home. … (0 comments)

durham nc real estate: Staging in Spring - 04/20/12 01:12 AM

Staging in Spring
 Any home stager will tell you that “staging is staging” and the principals remain the same throughout the year—keep things clean, clutter free and colorful. But that doesn’t each season comes without its own brand of staging magic.
For spring, there are a number of things you can do both inside and outside to take advantage of the beautiful weather.
Barb Schwarz, creator of Homes Staging® and CEO of Stagedhomes.com, suggests adding splashes of color to your porch with potted flowers. She favors larger pots placed on each side of the front … (4 comments)

durham nc real estate: Bull City Burger and Brewery - 11/30/11 07:49 AM
     I know that at this time of year we need to focus on weight reduction (okay, maybe just me), but I must sing the praises of a great restaurant that opened earlier this year in downtown Durham, NC. I recently brought some out-of-town relatives there on a vist for a post-Thanksgiving meal, and they were duly impressed.
     Bull City Burger and Brewery is located on Parrish Street, between Mangum and Roxboro Streets, in the rapidly developing downtown area of Durham. On my second visit, I had a group of seven eating there with me. This included some in-laws … (1 comments)

durham nc real estate: Setting the Stage - 10/07/11 05:20 AM
Setting the Stage for a Home Sale
“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”
      This saying strikes a chord in the real estate industry, where many buyers are quick to jump to a conclusion about a potential home after just one glance. That’s why an increasing number of homeowners are employing professional home stagers to prepare their homes for sale.
       “Much of what staging accomplishes happens on a subconscious level,” said Carla Grammatica, a consultant with Stage Setters in … (0 comments)

durham nc real estate: 203k Renovation Loan - 08/19/11 09:54 AM
            Real estate consumers today can find ample value in distressed homes – properties that are under a foreclosure order or up for short sale. In many cases, however, “distressed” speaks more for the condition of the homes than their recent financial histories, as they’ve sat empty for extended periods and have been subject to vandalism and theft.
            Those considering homes in need of repair and renovation should consider a 203k mortgage, which enables homebuyers to finance both the acquisition and rehabilitation of the property with just one loan.
            “FHA 203k purchase loans are the perfect financing vehicle for … (2 comments)

durham nc real estate: Keeping the Kids at Bay When Selling Your Home - 06/13/11 08:31 AM

Homeowners with young children face a common challenge when their house is on the market: How do youkeep the home clean and ready for prospective buyers while maintaining a kid-friendly and safe environment?
Keeping that “staged look” as the kids create instant messes can be overwhelming. Your primary focus should be the kids’ bedrooms, according to two home stagers.
“Children’s bedrooms are often problematic when getting a home ready to sell,” said Külli Yee, founder and president of Ilus Design Home Staging and Re-design, Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada. “They tend to have more clutter than most rooms in … (2 comments)

durham nc real estate: Green Tips for Homes - 06/13/11 08:18 AM

When it comes to preparing your home for sale in an environmentally friendly way, Kermit the Frog had it wrong. It is easy being green.
With so many homebuyers seeking green features in the homes they consider, sellers should create an eco-friendly atmosphere for the buyer, and that doesn’t always mean costly fixes.
It’s always nice for a homebuyer who’s been touring houses all day to find water or a snack waiting for them in your kitchen. Instead of leaving the customary bottled water, go the eco-friendly route and have a pitcher of filtered tap water at the ready. Add … (4 comments)

durham nc real estate: Another accolade for Durham, NC - 05/27/11 09:38 AM
The accolades for the Bull City have been piling up as of late, and the most recent one will certainly add allure to our well-balanced city. Some of our recent kudos are listed on the scroll at Durham’s website.
In a May issue of US News & World Report, it is reported that the Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina is the place that represents the greatest amount of sexual equality in the entire United States. This study is based on income equality, male and female representation in the workplace, and educational level.
I read recently that there are now more … (0 comments)

durham nc real estate: A deck may make a difference - 05/10/11 07:54 AM
Home Sellers: A Deck May Make the Difference
With spring in the air, the exterior of a home becomes even more important when putting your house on the market because buyers now will spend more time outside looking at your property and envisioning what their summer barbeques and family playtime will look like.
The addition of any amount of usable real estate to a property increases value. Customized decks and personalized outdoor living areas are a hot trend in home improvement upgrades, and a great-looking deck may entice more people to come see your home.
Building or updating an existing deck … (0 comments)

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