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Every now and again I tell people about my quick and dirty stated income loans, and then about the potential for interest rate and term savings with full doc loans, and they still come away with the impression that they can delay their choice. What they miss is pretty obvious to me, anyway: once ...
Southern California has more than its share of very wealthy people: and these people buy houses to suit them, with mortgages in the same category.But there's a tax planning problem with these houses: the mortgage deduction covers only the first million dollars, and they require gardeners, maids, ...
After saying, "HI", what do you ask?You ask the questions he asked when he bought the building in the first place. The same questions you want to coach him to ask about a new building. Pick a five or ten year horizon, and let him see how the numbers pan out.Finally, never forget to get actual cop...
I've met a number of commercial realtors, and one of the things I tend to work into the conversation is to ask them about their difficult deals.People who haven't had a difficult deal have no experience.The common thread I have found in people's descriptions in how to handle their difficult deal ...
I have people call me occasionally and ask if they can make a return on deeds of trust like they make on property.   And my best answer is, "Sometimes.  But then, most people don't know the return they make off real estate, and the interest rate is not the return you make on a deed of trust.  And...
Proposals float across my desk in several ways.This one is from the south:20 acre site.Purchase price is roughly 1.4 million, cost to develop individual 1-2 acre lots roughly 900k. This development would create 4-6 retail corner or near corner highway lots for restaurants, retail strip center and...

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