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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Dawn Rickabaugh (Note Queen) Owner Financing Consultant
Dawn Rickabaugh is passionate about liberating and empowering people. She loves teaching sellers and other brokers how to create winning transactions through intelligent use of the Installment Sale, the Title Holding (Land) Trust, and other powerful strategies. These are also great tools for deferring capital gains without a 1031 exchange.
This is the kind of seller financing that gives creative financing a bad name and gets Realtors served lawsuits. Why the listing agent would ever consider letting his client put this deal together, I'll never know... all I can think was that they were obsessed with double ending a high-end listi...
I was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal who was covering the topic of owner financing, inspired by a $29,000,000 listing where the seller is not only willing to offer terms, but creating a financial incentive if the prospective buyer will allow him to be the bank.  Here’s what the s...
Actually, that conversation was near the end of the call, but Joe in New Jersey has positioned himself such that many of his professional real estate acquaintances are bringing him their stale listings that are getting ready to expire, so he can create an owner-financed solution that would meet ...
The note described in this video training was created by a real estate agent, who is also an investor. They bought the property cash, and then sold on terms (owner financing) to a buyer, and now he is cashing out of the note to go on to other investments.   Normally, this is protected content, bu...
There is a lot of interest in non-performing notes right now, and while that is not my niche, there were several on the call who are working in NPNs.  Additionally, there were at least 3 full time real estate agents on the call that talked about how they're incorporating owner financing and notes...
  Just thought I’d invite you to join me for drinks and appetizers if you’re in the Southern California area.  I’ve been running theOwner Financing Club community on a virtual basis since May of 2011, and this year, I’ve added 3 face-to-face meetings.  This will be the 2nd ever ‘meet n’ greet’ fo...
A lot of the inventory is going the way of the bulk REO and NPN (non-performing note) bulk sales, but that certainly doesn't mean Realtors lose out.  In this short example, an agent who thought she lost the sale actually made out pretty well.  The guy who bought the REO vacant lot paid her a $1,5...
Just letting you know that I’m teaching my first one-day class on owner financing and discounted notes this weekend in LA.  Many real estate professionals are increasingly recognizing the need to be proficient in these areas... it brings the possibility for more commissions. I recently assisted ...
Many sellers (and their agents) are concerned about the potential risks associated with carrying back paper on their properties. This anecdotal story describes how useful a land trust was in achieving the highest benefits, but avoiding the scariest "what if" scenarios of potential default. Randy ...
  I'm finding more reasons to use Land Trusts, especially when owner financing is involved... even private lending.  Deals that would not otherwise make sense from a risk tolerance perspective can be turned into win-win transactions. Randy Huges, ("Mr. Land Trust") has been helping quite a bit wi...

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