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Rockville Centre New York Normandy Tudor for Sale.  This three bedroom, two bath home is located in the Incorporated Village of Rockville Centre and has all the traditional Tudor detailing.  For more information about this Rockville Centre home please visit www.century21sherlockhomes.ocm and you ...
Back in the day and I mean way back in the day a lot of Realtors were women and the usually had families and found that this was a great way to get back in the work force and have time with the kids too.  I must admit that is exactly how I started out. My youngest was in nursery school and the th...
I am so excited.  It works.  I have been trying to work it out so Google picks up my listings and it works.  At least this time it worked and I am so excited that I started to yell in the office.  My agent looked at me like I was nuts but I don't care.  It works and I am loving it. Short blog bec...
Baldwin Normandy Tudor Style Home for sale.  This three bedroom traditional Tudor is currently being offered for sale for $422,000.  The Open House is slated for this Sunday, August 29th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Some of the amenities are a bi-level deck and traditional Tudor detailing.  If you woul...
Really get in your car and drive to Long Island, call me on my cell and I promise I will tell you where I am.  Get here quick and slap me.  I will not complain today, I will not complain today. I am on Isabelle duty this week (she is 2 1/2) because her mother is on her honeymoon in Aruba.  Isabel...
Someone sent me an email today.  You know one of those most informative emails about little known nonsense facts.  I get them on a regular basis and the real shame of it is I open them.  You know I am my own worst enemy.  I mean why do I do this?  I hardly have time to read what I need to read. W...
Tomorrow my baby girl, actually my only daughter and youngest baby will marry her friend.  If and when you marry it should be a friend, a best friend.  I am here at the computer and feeling a lot of mixed emotions.  I am happy that she has found love and friendship with a young man who respects a...
We are Realtors and as such we negotiate for a living, it's pretty much what we do constantly, day in and day out.  If you are negotiating for business are you someone who negotiates in your personal life.  I negotiate with my kids, have since they were little, but they don't know.  I am so skill...
Here I am sitting at the front desk on a Sunday and there is a little lull going on when an agent stops in to pick up a courtesy key that we are holding for another office out of town.  I am chatting with her and putting info into the system so I can release the key because the listing office did...
On my way into work this morning, yes this broker likes to open her own office and be the first one in, I spotted a couple walking.  They were probably in their late seventies and in my minds eye (after all this is my blog, I get to call all the shots) they had been married forever.  The thing th...

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