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This update includes the following communities:33193 Kendall West, FL33183 Kendale Lakes, FL33196 The Hammocks, FL33186 The Crossings, FL Average Sales Price for Month of October 2006Single Family Home 4 bed 2 baths Average 1975 sqft$396,900Town House 3 bed 2 bath Average 1597 sqft$287,700Condo 2...
Ok here we go. I'm going to try and start some dialouge about one of the most controversial subjects in the world. That's right politics.....alright I said it , there. Here in Florida, we have major elections Tuesday. I need a little direction. I am a life long bleeding heart liberal democrat bec...
 Okay so we all know the traditional marketing methods, but can anyone give a marketing tidbit and the results they had? Something not listed below. Also how about some new marketing ideas and feedback. I’ll start first, I have never seen it in my area but how about billboards (or similar) on gar...
Please, I don’t know how to put this or even start this thread. Maybe I just want to get the word out that sending unsolicited faxes is not good marketing! I received a fax from a Broker promoting some sort of open house in a subdivision I have listings in. It was one of those deals where she put...
Ok I’ve had just about enough of this. This article in USA Today has just about pushed me over the edge. It’s no secret the housing market is in a long anticipated glut. The media is pulling no punches in helping cause widespread panic in the housing industry which brings me to my point. In every...
You probably have already noticed the two ribbons at the bottom of my web pages. One is pink and represents Breast Cancer awareness, the other is multicolored puzzle pieces and it represents Autism awareness.The reason I support both these causes is because both have affected me personally.  On M...
You can replace a nonfunctional light switch in a few minutes. But as with any electrical repairs, be sure to make safety your first concern.  Steps:1.  Turn off the power to the switch at the main circuit breaker or fuse box. Test by flipping the switch on to make sure the power is off. Tag the ...
For all my clients I automatically include them in my e-Newsletter. Below is the first newsletter I send, to be put on the mailing list simply fill out my Guest Book form Be sure to include your e-mail address.This is the first in a series of newsletters that I hope will provide you with useful i...
When buying or selling real estate, it is important to understand the appraisal process, valuation and how they relate to the current market. Some times the value of at property will equal its appraisal but this more a rarity them a commonality.Appraising a property is a process in which a certif...


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