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When you get multiple offers on your regular non-short sale listings, what do you and your seller think? I STRUCK GOLD! My home is the best yeehaw....wait Mr. Realtor, don't take it off the market yet we may get a better offer. What do think the bank thinks with multiple short sale offers? The on...
What a sham. I get so angry when the uppity keep cramming it down the throats of us poor folk. If you happen to be be blogging here on AR, then I hate to break the news to you but you are the latter. (At least I still haven't seen The Donald's blog yet) The rich SOB's just keep infusing the irres...
I see more and more listings everyday that claim the short sale is approved by the lender. This is simply not true. Sure you can have a deal that was approved fall through, however this doesn't mean that the lender will except another offer for the same price by a different buyer. Case in point: ...
Not by along shot. Anyone who believes otherwise either has their head in the sand or works for NAR! It is common knowledge that when it becomes cheaper to own than to rent, then we will see the beginings of a recovery. In my neck of the woods, we're not there yet.  Example: A 3 bed 2 bath home g...


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