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Just saw this article on LinkedIn discussing why consumers like web sites or fan pages on FaceBook.   Here is a link to the article analyzing why consumers like things or web sites on FaceBook. Based on my read of the article and the below infographic, it seems like the keys to a successful FaceB...
 The Drake Hotel140 East Walton PlaceChicago, IL 60611-1501(312) 787-2200Anita Dee IIAnita Dee Yacht Charters600 E. Grand Ave., Navy Pier-Anita Dee IIChicago, Illinois 60611Phone: 312-379-3191We went to Chicago for the Memorial Day Weekend to attend an Indian Wedding at the Drake Hotel in Chicago...
"'Do you know, I always thought unicorns were fabulous monsters, too? I never saw one alive before!' 'Well, now that we have seen each other,' said the unicorn, 'if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you.'"-Lewis Carroll - Through the Looking Glass I hope everyone had a great week.  I had a VE...
Exciting day at RainCamp Dallas.  We had a great day with our members here at RainCamp Dallas.  Lots of collaboration and sharing and learning. Now we are huddled in the ballroom at the DoubleTree Hotel in Market Center area because a tornado has descended.  Greg Nino of Houston braved the storm ...
I love my iPad too!  (not an iPad 2 though).  I too believe the iPad and other tablets will dramatically change how the real estate industry and business works.  I would love to hear about how others on ActiveRain are using their iPad or other tablets. NikiWilliam JohnsonAnnounces a new Special G...
With heavy heart, I regret to inform the community that our VP of Sales Doug Ching and our Blog Trainer Steven Graham have decided to leave ActiveRain to pursue another opportunity.  I was informed about their decision this afternoon.  We wish them well in their new positions.  Doug shut his mort...
Happy Friday Everyone!  In our commitment to improving communication on ActiveRain technology, this is our weekly update. Progress we are making: We continue to optimize the database and the configuration of the hardware to deliver better stability, more reliability, and better speed for ActiveRa...
Hi Everyone, Happy Thursday!  As I told everyone, I am on our member services phone line.  Some people will end up getting me on the phone to help you with your RainMaker account or any other questions you may have. Here are some of the people I have spoken with over the last couple of days.  At ...
Hi Everyone, ActiveRain had troubles this morning Tuesday May 17.  Some customers were able to login and others were not. Looks like one of our eight servers at RackSpace was not functioning properly.  When we caught the issue, we pulled the server out of rotation and then ActiveRain was function...
Thank you to everyone in the community for the wonderful feedback on my blog post on what we are doing here at ActiveRain to improve the stability of our techology and Greg's Nino's great interview with me as CEO of ActiveRain.  You have all made me feel incredibly welcome.  Your words of encoura...

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