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Happy Halloween Everyone! I took a Halloween walk through the neighborhood with my wife and kids (aged 5 and 3 now).  This is the longest I have lived in one house - seven years.  The CEO and CFO of a previous company convinced my wife and me to finally buy a house in 2004.  We put offers on 7 ot...
Replace Your Thermostat with Nest Learning Thermostat Nest Labs just announced their new learning thermostat yesterday which seems really really intriguing.  The story may be more interesting than the actual product, but let's see.  My former company was a cleantech company called Bio Architectur...
Happy Monday Rainers, I wanted to post a quick technology update.  It's been a bit more than six months since I came on as CEO.  As I told the group in April and May, my first priority for ActiveRain has been and continues to be improving the underlying technology platform of ActiveRain. We conti...
Hi Everyone, CAVEAT: One of my great pet peeves about ActiveRain is when a member of ActiveRain uses ActiveRain's SEO power to flame another business online rather than speaking to the business directly and trying to resolve the issue.  This blog post is NOT a criticism of Bank of America.  This ...
Any ActiveRain members in Ohio or Zanesville, OH dealing with the exotic animals in Zanesville, OH this morning?  Sounds like a crazy scene.  Would love to hear more about it from a first person perspective. Niki
Thoughts on Steve Jobs from a Young PC-Loving CEO The world is filled with memorials to Steve Jobs tonight. I am not a Mac user, though I love my iPhone and there are probably 10 Apple devices in our house now.  I am not an Apple fanatic, like many people that I work with and admire.      Much o...

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