facebook: Why Do Consumers 'Like' on FaceBook? - 05/30/11 07:28 AM
Just saw this article on LinkedIn discussing why consumers like web sites or fan pages on FaceBook.   Here is a link to the article analyzing why consumers like things or web sites on FaceBook.
Based on my read of the article and the below infographic, it seems like the keys to a successful FaceBook sharing strategy are:
1) Provide something of value for free (like discounts) - Classic Joe Stumpf By Referral Only kind of stuff
2) Provide free information (like local information, market reports, or other local information on family events)
3) Provide education - this may be similar to #2, … (15 comments)

facebook: Launching a Product on FaceBook: The Bacon Salt Story - 02/21/08 03:47 AM
Launching a Product on FaceBook: The Bacon Salt Story
February 20, 2008 · No Comments
This is the story of Bacon Salt or J&D's Down Home Enterprises - the most successful Seattle start-up that you have never heard of.  Or maybe you have.  In 2007, Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow developed a zero calorie, vegetarian, kosher certified bacon flavor seasoning and decided to start selling it on the Internet.   Within months, they had a significant business making hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2007 revenue.  Today they are at a run rate of millions of dollars in revenue.  How did they do it?  Social media, particularly … (1 comments)