reid hoffman: The Start-Up of You Presentation Online - 02/19/13 12:35 PM
In early 2012, I wrote a blog post about LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman's new book The Start-Up of You.  To celebrate the one year anniversary of the book, Reid Hoffman has published a 190 slide presentation on SlideShare (acquired by LinkedIn) discussing the core lessons of his book.  
See presentation embedded below.
I particularly like the section on networking.  Key lessons:
Strengthen relationships with your key allies. Your network is bigger and stronger than you think If you are not making or asking for introductions or referrals, you are not leveraging your network. If you are not making your network … (6 comments)

reid hoffman: Reid's Rules: LinkedIn Founder's Action Plan for Networking - 01/25/12 05:29 AM
So what is the founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman's Action Plan for Networking?  He calls them Reid's Rules.
I read a really truly compelling article on CNN last night, pumping Reid Hoffman's new book The Start-Up of You.  The book seems really good.  Reid Hoffman has had an incredible run starting LinkedIn and then investing in FaceBook and Zynga.  
The interesting thing to me was that he makes conscious "investments" in other people.  For example, he met Mark Pincus at the start of social media.  Reid gave Mark the opportunity to invest in FaceBook.  Mark gave Reid the opportunity to … (25 comments)